Thursday, 29 September 2016

September Favourites

I know I say this every time I write a favourites post (which is not often, I know!) but HOW ON EARTH ARE WE THIS FAR INTO THE YEAR?! Like seriously, is this some kind of joke? We are less than three months from christmas and over half way through 2016 and I still feel like I haven't got my s**t together. But nevertheless here are the things I have enjoyed this autumnal month.

Urban Decay Concealer: I bought this concealer back in August and it really did live up to the hype, it has great coverage and is easily buildable and also lasts all day. I really enjoy buying high end makeup both for the product and also the experience. The lady in Urban Decay was so lovely and helped me get the right shade, sadly I am the lightest one but this is perfect and I have literally used it every day to create the illusion I am not in dire need of a weeks worth of sleep.

Benefit Gimme Brow- I have also talked about this little gem before, so I shall be quick with it! I love this as it's a super quick way to do your brows. I use this before work as I'm not going for super sharp brows, but it adds some colour and thickness to your brows but still leaving them looking quite natural and most importantly not crispy!

Budget Beauty Blender- This, I have definitely talked about before, and I can't even remember the brand I just know it's a random brand from Asda but it's actually changed the blending game! It works best if you really dampen it and it doubles in size but it makes your foundation and concealer look flawless! 

NYX Lip Combo - I've never been a massive fan of lip products just because I found that they really dried out my lips and when I did find the Revlon products which I loved they were quite tricky to apply, especially the bright colours. So I finally tried a lip liner and it works wonders! It's so much easier to apply (I'm sure you all think I'm stupid for never trying) but I love this NYX one in Nude Suede Shoes and will definitely be getting a red one and a pink one for my other lip products! They're so affordable too.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Brush- This is actually the brush that comes with Benefit Hoola Bronzer and it's so good for applying contour. As you can see, it's a rectangle shape so perfect for contouring the cheek bones but it's also really fluffy so I don't find the product goes on too thick. What I've noticed with similar brushes are that they are far more dense and so you end up with a line of bronzer which is so hard to blend in, but not with this little gem. Maybe I'm just too pale for contouring!

Ardell Wispie Lashes- oh my god these lashes are the dream! I've always stuck to my trusty Tanya Burr 'Date Night' Lashes but I wanted to try something different and these were actually in offer in Superdrug. Having seen loads of people talking about Ardell Wispies I thought I'd give them a go and holy macaroni am I glad! They were super easy to apply and looked really subtle, you could tell I was wearing fake lashes but they didn't look really over the top and fake which I loved! Plus they were £3.49 when I bought them which is an absolute bargain! Definitely stocking up on these! 
Autumn is always pretty sweet when it comes to television, I love a good tv drama and there are so many that are starting at the moment or have just finished, so at the moment I am loving Our Girl. It's the story of an army medic and her time on a mission, everything about it is just amazing, plus you get to stare at Michelle Keegan for an hour a week- and she just looks gorgeous.
Another one I have been really enjoying is Lucifer,  it's is a crime, comedy kind of style, but it's just so funny and the story lines are really quite clever. I caught up on series 1 which is all on Amazon Video (6 month free trial for students) and series 2 has just started, so if you're up for something quite easy to dip in and out of and light hearted then check out Lucifer! Honestly it's really good, and so refreshing to see something different on tv.
Finally TV wise, the Great British Bake Off. I mean who doesn't like Bake off?! It's just the most adorable programme and the things they bake are actually incredible! It always makes me so hungry watching it though, so make sure you're armed with a seriously good pudding or snack whilst you're watching! 

'So, baby hold me closer in the backseat of your Rover, that I know you can't afford'

One last thing which I have been obsessed with is the song Closer by the Chainsmokers. I don't know what it is about this song but it's addictive! I've seen so many people talking about it online and it's just so good! So if you've been living under a rock recently and have managed not to hear this song then go have a listen and you'll be forever obsessed! *sorry in advance!*

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  1. I really want to try the Naked Skin concealer but still haven't got round to it. It looks amazing! :o xx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles