Sunday, 26 June 2016

Concealer Collection

With moving back from uni and living here, there and everywhere at the moment my makeup collection is quite small as I've had a huge clear out, but I thought I would show you the concealers that made the cut! 

♥ NO7 Match Concealer; bought this a while back when I was actually quite tanned (yep hard to believe I know!) Side Note: Is it bad to keep concealers for that long, we are talking over a year?! It's a stick concealer which in all honestly I did find really hard to use before my beauty blender but now working with stick concealers is like a dream! It's very creamy, blends well and I use it occasionally as a base for contour (a. if that makes sense and b. yes I am that pale!) It's in the same range as the Match foundation where they use a little machine to match the best foundation and concealer to your skin tone, this can be done for free in most Boots stores. Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing this straight after a holiday, meaning I hardly really use this range just because of the shade being way too dark for me now, essentially I need a sunny holiday! 

♥ MAC Matchmaster Concealer; I splurged on this when the range was fairly new out, and being super pale I am the lightest shade, so the woman matched 01 to my skin (depressing I know!) This concealer is really creamy and is so much easier to blend in with a beauty blender, so I have a new found love for this! It's also great for shaping the eyebrows using an thin, angled brush and then just blending. It has a heavy coverage and can be easily blended, but easier with a beauty blender than a brush. I've almost come to the end of this concealer, so if you were to use it every day it may not last so long as you don't seem to get a lot of actual product. 

♥ Benefit Boi-ing; With this concealer I wanted to see what all the hype was about, so I took a trip to a Benefit counter and tried it out. I always find it so difficult to judge skin products in a shop because of the harsh lighting and the fact that it hasn't had all day on your skin. In hindsight I should have tested it for a day and then gone back to purchase, but it seemed alright at the time! The guy who applied it was convinced this was the right colour and the shade 01 was definitely too light, however as you can see from the swatches, this shade is way too dark for me. This is a huge shame because it has really good coverage and is overall a good concealer, it's just too dark for me to wear everyday. I do wear it sometimes when I'm going out out because it can be blended into a slightly darker foundation and the coverage is really nice, so I am really tempted to go and repurchase this in the lighter shade. 

♥ Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer; There was a massive hype surrounding this concealer earlier this year, it's a really brightening concealer which is great for under the eyes and smells of watermelon, so win win. I tend to use this to 'draw' a triangle shape under my eyes and on my T-zone where I want my skin to look brighter and then blend blend blend! This is quite a light shade so I tend to use a different concealers on blemishes as I definitely don't want to highlight my blemishes! It also has less coverage than some of the stick concealers but it is one of my favourites at the moment! 

♥ Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer; This has to be my all time favourite concealer! Originally it came with a sponge and when you twist the tube the product comes through the sponge. However I noticed that I was losing a lot of product and that perhaps it was causing blemishes as the sponge really isn't that hygienic when it's gone from spot to spot and been used many times without a wash (sounds gross doesn't it?!) However, it's super easy to remove the sponge and just use the concealer without, I've noticed so much less product is wasted and it hasn't effected my skin since! Literally if you're looking for a new concealer which is creamy with high coverage then I would highly recommend this one, good coverage and lasts all day! 

Overall I have found that the thicker concealers (Benefit, MAC & NO7) seem to crease a little quicker over the day and tend to be harder to blend than the more liquidy concealers such as the Bourjois or Maybelline ones, however they do seem to give a very high coverage when blended well and perhaps just need a better setting powder. 
Let me know your concealer recommendations in the comment section! 

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  1. I really like the Bourjois concealer under the eyes on a 'no makeup' makeup day. I know everyone hates the applicator of the Maybelline concealer but I find it blends out the product so well and isn't any less hygienic than a doe-foot, especially as it's not going on blemishes

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. it's amazing isn't it! Yeah i just found it gross because i did put it on blemishes but otherwise that's a really good point, I hadnt thought about it like that haha!