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HEY :) I assume, you've landed on this page to learn a bit more about the person behind 'Ella Catherine' (or you just accidentally ended up here, thats also possible!)
I actually started this blog about 4 years ago with a crappy camera and before I actually even owned a tinted moisturiser and it is safe to say blogging has taught me A LOT.

 I actually started this blog about 4 years ago (crazy right) just as something to call a 'hobby' as I've always had a passion for rambling away about different makeup and beauty products. I remember being that awkward age where everyone seemed to do drama or sports outside of school, neither of which I was particularly good at, and I found what I really enjoyed doing was experimenting with make-up and talking about the products I was really enjoying- this was when I discovered the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr and realised that other people could also talk for hours about makeup! I found that by writing blog posts, I had something to call my hobby and 'Ella Catherine' was born (the blog... not me physically- that would just be weird).

I am really outgoing and always up for a coffee and a good natter, or maybe a good chocolate milkshake instead... but anyway, I love all things makeup and really enjoy experimenting with different photography techniques! I also LOVE playing around with snapchat filters, I don't think they'll ever get boring! 

So basically, if you love a good chat, love makeup or anything super girly and want to join the rambles you've most definitely come to the right place! 

Where else to find me: 
💬Twitter: @ellacatherine95
📷Instagram: @ellacatherine95
📷Email/Enquiries: ecdobbin@googlemail.com 

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