Friday, 27 February 2015

February Favourites

It feels like I'm writing 'monthly favourite' posts all the time- time is going scarily fast! Anyways; here are a couple of things- makeup and life things that I have been loving this month! I thought I'd mix it up a bit and combine some more 'lifey' things

Still After Glow Lip Crayon 'Festive Fuchsia': So last week I posted a review of the three Stila lip crayons (read here) but this month I have really been loving the pink shade. It's sort of a hot pink colour and looks gorgeous with a nude eye or simple eyeliner. Recently I've really begun loving experimenting with my lips and wearing a more simple eye but a bold lip- I feel like these lip crayons are a perfect starting point for lips.

Zoeva '102 Silk Finish' Brush: I bought these brushes back in the summer and wasn't too blown away by the foundation brush at first, but recently I have fallen back in love with it. I find that I go through phases with makeup brushes and currently I cannot get enough of this one! It really buffs in the foundation really well, giving an air brushed finish and no streaks- safe to say I LOVE this brush! Plus... it's rose gold... 

Maybelline Color Tattoo 'On & On Bronze': A lot of these products seem to be ones I have rekindled an old love for because since finding a different way of applying this cream eyeshadow, I have rediscovered it! It works really well with a flat synthetic makeup brush to really pat in the colour as opposed to using your fingers. The colour pay off is a lot better and it's a lot easier to work with- so I would recommend using a brush with these colour tattoos. The next one I want to get is the 'Pink Gold' one as that's just gorgeous. 

Seventeen Matte Powder: To be really honest, I've never had a favourite powder, they all seem to do a similar thing so I just go for the cheapest option! But I do quite like the fact that this one really doesn't make your foundation look cakey and can also be used over the top of the Urban Decay primer potion to make eyeshadow application a lot easier. 

Ipad Mini: This may seem like quite a random thing to put in but since my friend got an iPad I have used mine a lot more- I love how small and compact it is, so it's perfect for lectures and also planning out blog schedules and ideas. I use it a lot more than my laptop and pretty much daily- If any of you have any apps you'd recommend then please comment below! 

Broadchurch: OH MY GOODNESS... If you watch Broadchurch you will understand but it is just the most amazing TV series ever! Some people think it's for just for old people but I would completely disagree- It is set in a small village called Broadchurch where they are trying to solve the murder of a young boy and other cases along the side. It's really hard to explain without giving too much away but I'd  highly recommend watching the first series first but it is simply AMAZING! 

'Fifty Shades' Soundtrack: Fifty Shades seems like the marmite of the film industry- you either love it or hate it. Personally, I loved it but what a lot of people have said is that the soundtrack makes the movie, and I'm inclined to agree! We have had the album on repeat since watching the film as there's a really strong set of songs, my favourite has to be Beyonce's Crazy in Love or Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do! 


  1. Maybelline Colour Tattoos are lovely - On and On Bronze is probably my favourite. Pink Gold is another stunning shade! I've just caught up on Broadchurch and I had to completely binge watch it - I got so hooked!

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Ah I really want the Pink Gold one! And the conclusion of Broadchurch was so strange!

  2. I am after a new brush for my foundation and love the sound of that Zoeva one, it's s great size!

    Jasmine |

    1. The Zoeva brush is definitely worth the money- it gives such a flawless finish! It does absorb a lot of foundation so needs washing a lot!