Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What's On My Face Today (Drugstore Edition)

Today was quite a lazy day, just doing odd jobs around the flat so I went for quite a minimalistic makeup look and thought I'd share with you my go to products for a day like this. 
I made this a drugstore edition simply because if I'm having a lazy day then I don't want to waste my 'nice' make up when no one will see it anyways, therefore all of these products are drugstore available (although, I don't think the lip balm is but it came free in a magazine so...that sort of counts, right?)
I normally start by applying a lip balm to moisten my lips and then mix my L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer in with my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation on the back of my hand and apply that to my face (obviously, duh!). It usually just takes 1-1.5 pumps to cover my face, as I'm usually going for quite a light coverage. Then I'll just cover up any pesky blemishes, and of course dark circles with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (on super super lazy days or good skin days, I may just use the concealer). Although I have fairly oily skin, I don't tend to use a powder with this particular foundation and primer combination- which is definitely a bonus.
Once my base is done; I use a really fluffy brush to apply the Bourjois Bronzer just to add some colour to my face and give the illusion I may have been on a really sunny holiday (we can all dream, right?!) when in reality, I have been sat watching the rain drip down my window (dam english weather)
Once I've done my skin, I just used the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara as this gives a really nice volumised look to the lashes which I love but without having to spend ages blending out eyeshadows, it's great for a lazy day as it really defines the lashes. I will also just brush some of the Rimmel Brow This Way kit through my brows... (can you tell I like Rimmel haha?!) as to me, my brows are a staple part of my makeup look and I couldn't go out without my brows.
I don't normally wear lipstick but I decided to re-introduce the Stila lip crayons into my life and went for a fuchsia colour, just to make my make up a little more interesting and it really brightened up my look. 
So there you have my go-to makeup for lazy-ish days (not proper lazy days because they involve being in bed all day). I have linked all the products to places where you can purchase them, so if you want to buy this look- just 'clickety click' away! 

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