Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What I've Been Loving This Month

How on earth are we at the end of June?! I start my new job on Monday which is crazy and terrifying, time has just gone too quickly for my liking! But I thought I would talk you through some of the beauty and non-beauty related things that I have been loving across June!

Beauty Blender: I don't own the official beauty blender or whatever it's actually called because I kind of wanted to try one before I splurged on the £16 one! I just picked up a cheap drugstore one and  not going to lie I love it (please excuse the state of mine)! I bought one ages ago and didn't dampen it enough so obviously it didn't work so well and annoyingly I got mad and chucked it away (that sounds so dramatic), but it applies really natural looking foundation and concealer and allows for a few layers to be applied if you're going for a fuller coverage. It definitely works best damp, but don't be afraid to use run it under the tap, just make sure you really ring it out to remove any excuses water. Honestly though, I am more than happy with my £3.99 one and I think it works wonders so I really wouldn't pay out for an official one, unless of course it works miracles, let me know if you guys have compared the two! 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors: If you're a regular reader of mine, you'll know I LOVE these! I definitely prefer the more nude colours as they're so much easier to apply but with some perseverance the bright colours are just gorgeous and actually last a really long time! I ate and drank wearing the red colour and obviously there was some wear and tear but they lasted a good 5-6 hours but easily could have been touched up, I'm just too lazy. I've always said a deep purple colour would be super cool, but these are a firm favourite in my makeup collection.

Benefit Roller Lash: I've repurchased this mascara over and over again and I just love it! It gives your lashes a nice curl, lasts all day and isn't too heavy on the lashes! The the benefit (see what I did there, yeah terrible joke) is that is is so much easier to remove than 'They're Real', so I tend to reach for this one on a daily basis. It is a pricier mascara at around £20 but its worth it! If you're wanting to try it first you can buy a miniature sized bottle for half the price! Plus Benefit just ace their packaging don't they?! I mean look how pretty it is! 

Original Source - Raspberry & Almond Shower Gel: Oh my goodness this is the stuff of dreams, I started using this when I came back from uni and as soon as I smelt it, it took me straight back to my childhood! It smells exactly like these really nice yoghurts we used to have, like its uncanny! As well as keeping you clean it also keeps your skin moisturised and I just love it! I don't normally go for really 'girly' scents with shower gel, but this is just insane and it lasts all day too! 

Nars 'Deep Throat' Blusher: First of all we have to laugh about the name, anyone who doesn't find this funny... well you are more mature than me! I bought this blusher at the end of May as I don't actually have many blushers in my collection and wanted to try out some new ones! It gives a really gorgeous colour on the cheeks which lasts all day. It's just very awkward telling people what you're wearing on your cheeks, plus it wasn't exactly a product I could ask for for christmas, like "hey Gran, I'd like the Deep Throat blusher please"- even the thought of that is just making me cringe!

 Benefit 'Sasha' perfume: This was a gift from christmas actually, and I don't think I've ever really talked about it on my blog, which is bad considering I used it everyday! It's a really sweet little perfume which smells lovely and is great for throwing into your handbag as it's quite a sturdy bottle that won't smash, so perfect for on the go! I'd love to give some of the other Benefit perfumes a go as I feel like they're quite underrated in the beauty world. 

♥ Love Island: I'm sorry but is anyone else absolutely hooked?! It's like my guilty pleasure, I know its absolute trash but I also cannot stop watching it! I only started watching this a couple of episodes in and now it's like the highlight of my day! I literally cannot imagine living in that house, its crazy, such a weird concept! I reckon I'd just get really aggy, must be so hard being around the same group 24/7.  I love the girls and I felt so sorry for Zara and actually grew to like her quite a bit and Terry has made me so sad, thought he was so nice at first! Ah so much to talk about! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, we can have a big LI discussion!

 ♥ Home cooked food: I know this isn't really a proper favourite but being back from uni for a couple of weeks means home cooked meals and boy oh boy are they amazing! I just really miss my mum's cooking when I'm away, don't get me wrong I can cook but it's just not the same, you know?

♥ Driving: Is that a weird favourite to have? Over easter I got myself a car (I say got myself- my parents loaned me the money) and it just reminded me how much I love driving, I feel like being in the car I can just think and sing along to my favourite songs and just be so much more independent! I don't know, these are such random favourites but it's genuinely what I've enjoyed this month! 

Let me know in the comments what you've been enjoying this month, any recommendations are great and I shall add them to my list of things to buy when payday finally comes around! 
E x


  1. Benefit Roller Lash is amazing, I own it too! Lovely post and I followed you on twitter ^^


  2. I'd never tried a Beauty Blender until recently when I bought a cheaper one from Avon. I am a total convert now and absolutely love it! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. ah good :) Some of the cheaper beauty blenders are so worth buying, I just can't justify paying £16 for an official one! Do you recommend Avon makeup?


  3. The revlon lipcolors are so satisfying to look at!! which color is your favorite?

    Passion Blog | BCfactor.blogspot.com

    1. I really like the most natural one, but the red is growing on me! Just harder to apply haha!

  4. I love my Beauty Blender dupes too! I'm not sure it's all that necessary to spend £16 to get the original. I use the Nanshy and Real Techniques ones and love them.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. I completely agree! ooh I want to try Nanshy, have you tried any of their brushes?

  5. I love the Revlon liquid lipsticks too!

    Emily xo