Wednesday, 8 June 2016

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower- Thoughts?!

This has been one of the most talked about 'beauty' items of this year, I would say. It seems such an intriguing concept and could potentially make tanning so so so much easier.

According to their claims, St Tropez say that it is a streak free tan in under 3 minutes... it almost sounds a little too good to be true. I don't tend to fake tan myself, I've tried it out once or twice but it just seems like so much mess and hassle to me. I hate the fact that I am pale but I also hate the idea of everything around me turning orange at the touch, fake tan kind of scares me a little bit (if you couldn't already tell!) and essentially I am just lazy. So when they first bought out the light shower tanner I really wanted to give it a try but for £14.50 the reviews didn't sound that amazing. It sounded like the colour pay off really wasn't that great and not really worth trying, so when I saw St Tropez had bought out a medium colour I knew I had to try it. Let's just pray I don't turn out like Ross in that episode of Friends!

After One Use: 
I'm not going to lie, after one use I did't really notice much difference at all. I mean I am quite pale so I would have thought it would have been quite noticeable but to be fair it is a gradual tanner so isn't doing the same thing as a standard fake tan. So far what I did notice was the fact that it was streak free, smelt really nice and didn't leave that awful biscuity smell and also made no mess at all. Only disappointment was the colour pay off.

After Two to Three Uses: 
Once I had been using this for a couple of days I did begin to notice a really gorgeous bronze colour, it was far more noticeable and is such a gorgeous bronze as opposed to orange. It isn't streaky at all (apart from where I missed a bit washing it off) and it looks really really natural. I'm continuing to use it every day in my shower to build up the colour. So far there has been no build up around the areas where you normally see this such as my elbows and knees. The only annoying this is if you accidentally leave a tiny bit on, it goes SO dark! So there are a few areas on my ankles where it obviously didn't come off and so has been developing for like 48 hours!

Overall, I honestly really rate this produce if you're after a very natural looking glow without the hassle of normal fake tan. Admittedly it isn't super dark and it does take a couple of days and applications to really show but honestly the colour is gorgeous. So if you want a quick fix before a night out then it's probably not for you, but if you have time then it's great. There is no mess at all and I haven't noticed it making the shower slippery or anything, so mess wise, it doesn't transfer anywhere and doesn't seem to stain anything- major bonus. Also, you have to stand and wait with the shower off for 3 minutes which some people have said is annoying but honestly, 3 minutes goes so quickly I really don't think its that bad, especially if you listen to your favourite song or use a hair mask or something! Saying that I have started leaving it to soak in for 4-5 minutes which seems to be working a little better (except it does advise against this... oh well!) but the colour pay off seems better when doing this. Finally the other great thing I'd say, is the smell. It doesn't smell biscuity at all and actually leaves your skin smelling like you've used shower gel and really moisturised. If you've used this, let me know, I'd love to know your opinions on it as for me I think it's going to become part of my shower routine- its that easy!

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