Saturday, 15 July 2017

Affordable Makeup Brushes

Looking for a stylish yet affordable set of brushes to start up your makeup collection? or simply wanting to expand your collection without forking out the big money? If so, this brush set is perfect for you!

Can we just start by saying 'how god dam gorgeous are these brushes?!' I nearly died of excitement when they arrived and they're honestly as stunning in person as they are in photos. I mean who doesn't want rose gold brushes AND a matching makeup bag in their collection?!
Zoeva brushes are made from both natural and synthetic fibres and are honestly so so good, I cannot fault them! This set is £65 but for a lovely brush holder/makeup bag and eight fab brushes (I forgot to picture one, sorry) it works out to be £8 a brush not including the bag! So if you break it down they really are great value for a fab set of brushes. 
This set is also great as it gives you a selection of brushes for a full face of makeup which is perfect if you're just starting out, they do also have kits for just eyes or face, depending on what you're looking for! 

317 Winged Liner: 
This brush I actually love for doing my eyebrows when using either a pomade or powder, it's dense but applies a really good level of product. I can't say I've actually tried it for wing liner ironically but I am planning on getting my hands on some gel liner soon. It's really easy to clean and the fact its dark brown is quite useful for making it look less gross (not sure if that's a good thing or not!)

231 Luxe Petit Crease:
This brush is absolutely perfect for adding that darker shade into your crease, even when not doing a smokey eye I tend to do this. Especially with Buck and Naked from UD Naked 1, which are gorgeous matte browns. This brush has a pointed tip and is slightly smaller than the Luxe Soft Definer meaning its perfect. It's also really good for brushing some softer shadows underneath the eyes too if you're wanting to blend out some shadows. 

227 Luxe Soft Definer:
I cannot express to you how insane this brush is, I want to scream it from the roof top (bit extreme haha!) It's known to be an alternative to the MAC 217 brush and honestly it tops it 100 times over. I never reach for my MAC brush anymore, simply because this brush is just insane and so good at blending! It's a lot softer and just effortlessly blends my eyeshadows right up to the brow bone, it's the perfect shape for this and I honestly cannot recommend it enough! 

142 Concealer Buffer: 
This is actually the brush that I completely forgot to photograph (terrible blogging sorry!). It's basically a mini version of the 110 Face Shape brush and is perfect for blending your concealer right into the inner corner. It's small enough to reach right around the nose and in the inner corners where a larger brush, like the Face Shape one wouldn't reach as easily. I also use it if I'm just on the go and quickly touching up a pesky spot or something as it's great for those small areas but it is that bit too small for blending in all your under eye concealer. 

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek:
I am as excited about this brush as I am the 227 Luxe Soft Definer, it is uh-mazing honestly! It's super fluffy and really great for contouring and blending in bronzer on to your forehead, hollows of your cheeks and jaw bone. In this photo it is a bit gross but when you first buy it, it is a shade of white. I'm sure you're currently questioning why they'd make a makeup/bronzing brush white but actually it cleans so so easily and every time I've washed it (definitely not enough) it's come out looking brand new without any fancy cleaning products/methods. 

102 Silk Finish:
This brush I don't actually tend to use that much simply because I much prefer using a foundation brush and beauty blender now, but I did use to use it a lot and it performed pretty well. It's very very dense and doesn't give a lot of movement to it, but when I have tried it it's worked well. 

110 Face Shape:
In the past I have used this brush for applying under eye concealer but as with the 102 Silk Finish I tend to reach for my beauty blender now, so this one has been made a little redundant for now. Saying that, it isn't a bad brush at all and I reckon it would be fab with cream contouring as it's a really nice size for the hollows of your cheeks.  

106 Powder:
Although the name suggests powder I actually much prefer using this if I'm applying a very light coloured blush or something, I just have other powder brushes that I prefer using but then again I haven't tried it for powder in a while so maybe I should clean it and give it another chance (never know, may become my go to powder brush!) 

Overall, if you're starting out with makeup and/or looking to build up your brush collection with an affordable yet good brush set I would highly recommend starting with Zoeva. I honestly cannot fault these brushes and they do arrive in good time with good customer service. This set is particularly good as they give you a range of brushes which can be used to do a whole face and are very versatile in their uses. I know you may scream at the price tag but honestly for eight brushes it's really affordable and you won't get close to £65 for 8 brushes with somewhere like MAC or Nars

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  1. I have a set of these and I love them! They've quickly become my favourite brushes. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. They're so good aren't they and so much cheaper than other brands! Thanks for the comment! xx