Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Mascara Comparison

If you follow my social media or have been reading my blog you'll know how much I LOVE Benefit Roller Lash, so I decided to give Too Faced Better Than Sex a go to see how it compares...

Wand Shape:
The wand in Better Than Sex has an hourglass shape rather than a curve as in Roller Lash, the brush is also a lot bigger. I have found that you do have to be a lot more careful when applying it just because the brush is so much bigger and getting right into the inner lashes and lower lash line without getting mascara everywhere is quite a skill. However it does really curl your lashes, leaving them looking fab and so long! 

Wand Material: 
Better than Sex is a fibre brush unlike the plastic one in Roller Lash, I have to say I normally would say I prefer plastic applicators, just because I am so in love with Roller Lash and it separates your lashes more, but to be fair Better than Sex is growing on me. Roller Lash also has small 'spikes' on it to really grip and curl all the lashes, and it doesn't apply too much product onto your lashes too quickly as the applicator is designed to not grab too much product, avoiding that 'gloopy' look. 

Okay, so you will all now that I am an absolute sucker for pretty packaging! I think thats why brands like Too Faced, Benefit and Urban Decay speak to me on a spiritual level (haha) but both are so cute! They both come in cardboard boxes, like most high end products and I honestly would award them both equally in this department. The marketing campaigns for both are super quirky and just really cute, both are an equally pretty addition to your makeup collection. The other thing I've noticed about BTS is that the lid is so much heavier, I find this is actually quite useful for applying the mascara so I don't know whether this extra weight is useful for application but it does feel a little more high end to be honest! 

Too Faced claim that Better Than Sex "provides extreme volume and a more dramatic look with each coat" and I have to say I would 100% agree, it helped to curl my lashes and I loved how my lashes looked. One or two coats made for a great natural, every day look and a few more coats really gave that more dramatic, false lash effect.  Benefit claim "Hook 'n' Roll brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls lashes" and I'd also agree. It really separates out the lashes giving them a nice curl and separates the lashes. Whenever I get a new one of these I find it a little too gloopy but after a couple of uses its honestly amazing and really does curl my lashes so much! 

Both of these are classed as high end, so they're not going to be cheap as such, but as 'high end' goes they aren't ridiculous. Benefit charge £20.50 for Roller Lash and Too Faced charge £19, so both very similar prices, but if we were going purely by price then BTS would scrape a win in this category purely because it's cheaper. 

Honestly, overall I love both of these, I was quite worried as people had said that Better Than Sex was very gloopy and made very thick lashes but it's a mascara that you can choose that look based on how many coats you do! I tend to only do one or two coats of mascara and it didn't look too gloopy or thick at all! In fact it makes my lashes look amazing and I 100% will be repurchasing it. It is quite tricky to apply if you're in a rush as the applicator is so big but I'm definitely going to welcome it with open arms into my collection! 
Whether it's better than sex, that's for you to decide for yourself haha!

Products Mentioned: 
Too Faced: Better Than Sex
Benefit: Roller Lash

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