Tuesday, 15 August 2017

High End vs Drugstore (Bronzing Highlight)

Want to save yourself around £20?! Continue reading this post to see the perfect dupe for MAC Global Glow! 

I recently rekindled my love for the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Global Glow, originally when I bought it, it was kind of a panic buy as Soft and Gentle was constantly out of stock and I was desperate to try a Mineralize Skin Finish-we've all done that right? So it always seemed quite dark on me, but recently I tried using it with a super fluffy brush and the results were insane! It was after watching an Emily Canham video where she used a shimmery bronzer over her whole face and honestly it gives such a gorgeous finish, but Global Glow sells for £24.50 so there must be a cheaper alternative and you know what?! I think I've found just that! 
Whether you're looking for some new cheaper additions to your makeup collection or just starting out with makeup and need some drugstore recommendations then read on. 

So the other day when I was snooping through my younger sister's makeup stash (I have admitted it to her now) I came across the Collection Bronzer Glow Mosaic: 1 Sunkissed which seemed like such a great dupe. As you can see from the swatches above the colours are almost identical, both give a really gorgeous summery shimmer and it's actually really hard to distinguish between the two, bar a slight tone difference. 

To be fair, both of these products have a very similar feel, neither are super velvety to touch but not too scratchy either. Mineralize Skin Finish is more of a tie-dye/swirly effect whereas with the Collection Bronzer it's a mosaic effect, but both work equally the same, giving off a gold shimmery glow.

Price wise, as usual the dupe is obviously cheaper at £2.99 for 15g where as the high end product comes in at £24.50 for 10g, so you are saving a huge amount of money by going for the dupe. Obviously there is something quite satisfying about having MAC products in your collection (I don't know, maybe it's just me), they do feel more expensive and classy but if you aren't looking to spend close to £30 on one product that I'd definitely recommend the dupe. 

Packaging wise; I would say I'd pick MAC as the winner here. Simply because the packaging just feels a lot more stylish, classy and actually a lot more sturdy. It's a compact with an attached lid and a magnet close, so it just feels a lot more sturdy and high end. Again the design is so effortless and simple which really appeals to me in my makeup collection- I feel more grown up owning it (how lame!) The Collection one is simply cheap feeling plastic with a removable lid which I would definitely lose! I'm not complaining as for £2.99 you're not really paying for fancy packaging, just saying that in this case I'd go for MAC based on packaging alone! 

Honestly, I cannot say one is better than the other when it came to pigmentation, when I swatched both, and as you can see above there isn't a clear winner. I am really really impressed with the colour pay off from Collection actually, I didn't expect it to be that easy to apply or to look that good!

Again like I always seem to say, I think this is a fab dupe if you're wanting a shimmery bronzing powder, the colour pay off is absolutely fab but if you're more of a MAC girl then go for MAC, the feel of the entire product overall (both packaging and product) does feel more expensive and worth the money, but if you're wanting to go for the actual powder alone then honestly, the Collection bronzing powder is just as good it seems! Great if you're just starting out and wanting to add some more bits to your makeup bag without blowing the bank. 
I do find that paying the higher price for high end products does include the service too, the shops feel like much more of an experience than just popping into Boots or Superdrug if that makes sense? 

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Saving: £21.51


  1. I love the way you have compared these two products. The Collection bronzer is one of my favourites, but I had no idea it was so similar to the Mac! I completely agree with you that the flimsy packaging is a let-down though xx

    1. Ah thank you so much! This comment means so much as it took a lot of thought and planning and work for this post! Yeah the colours seem so similar when swatching but yes the packaging is definitely not comparable! Xx