Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cleaning your Brushes on a Budget

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know two things 1) I am so bad at cleaning my brushes and 2) I am a uni student (so on a budget). 

I just really HATE cleaning my brushes (note the capitals), it seems to take forever, I know it's just one of those jobs you have to do, but seriously- does anyone enjoy doing it?! 
Also being a student I am on a tight budget so cannot afford to splurge on expensive brush cleaner or a daily brush cleanser, therefore I thought I'd write a post for those of you in a similar position as me. Obviously it isn't the best way to care for your brushes, but I just clean them with a soft shampoo or a hand wash. This method has worked well for me since I've been collecting make-up brushes. 

I Begin by wetting the brush; It's best to try not to get the part between the bristles and the handle wet as this may ruin the glue, but just make sure the bristles are slightly wet
Use soap/shampoo on your hand; I just add a small pump of hand soap, depending on the size of the brush and then just create a lather with the brush. This is when you can really see all the foundation coming out which is so gross! Usually I have to repeat this step depending on how dense the brush is, the Real Techniques Brushes take ages to clean! 
Rinse the brush; just squeeze out the excess water until it runs clear, again you may have to repeat this a lot
Then just dry the handle; and usually I leave the brushes with the bristles facing down but this time I just lay them flat on a towel to make sure the water doesn't stay in the handles as this decreases the life span of the brushes. 

I hope this post was useful and may actually help to remind me to clean my brushes a little more often to! Here's to beautifully clean brushes!


  1. I find cleaning brushes such an effort, but there is nothing worse that brushed caked in make up.
    My cleaning routine is exactly the same as yours, affordable and easy! xx

    Catherine /

  2. I know, it makes putting on foundation so much harder! Plus; it's so satisfying when your brushes go back to being white, they look so clean!

  3. Great post! I use the exact same method, except I actually use shower gel or a hand wash to clean mine! They do the job brilliantly and it saves me money so I'm not complaining! x

    1. Thank you! I also find shower gel can make the brushes smell really nice or really soft actually!

  4. I hate cleaning my brushes but I use the Dr Bronner soap and it's fantastic x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. I'm glad it's not just me! Oh really- is it quite expensive?