Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Collection!

Rose Gold Brushes... how could anyone not want to buy these?! Ladies ( & gentlemen) this is the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Collection... like always I'm late jumping on the bandwagon and theses babies have been extremely raved about and popular for months now, but still they do deserve a blog post to themselves!

First Impressions: 
They came in a really classy, leather zipped purse/wallet/pouch sort of thing (which fits all my other makeup brushes too, I may add!) which will be perfect for travelling as it's flat but keeps them safe and away from damage. The actual brushes feel super soft and have been comparable to Mac brushes but for a significantly lower price, so it'll be interesting to try them out. Especially the Zoeva 227 in comparison to the MAC 217 as in looks and feel they're both very similar brushes. I'm also really excited to try the angled contour brush as that looks like a possible dupe for the MAC angled contour brush! Overall; on first glance and feel these brushes seem really promising, they feel very sturdy with a very soft feel to them, so thumbs up on first impressions!

For €60 this brush set is super good value as it works out that each brush is worth about £6 a brush which compared to Mac or real techniques is super good value.

I feel like these brushes aren't quite as good as Mac brushes, I found I still prefer the Mac 217 to the Zoeva 227 but that's not to say the Zoeva brushes aren't good! My favourites are probably the Petit Crease and the Angled contour brush as they're super soft and blend really well. I've never really come across a brush of a similar shape to the Petit Crease so I'm really enjoying using that! The more that I use these brushes, the more I have fallen in love with them, I've been using them for a few months and am still loving them. The only negative thing is that the foundation brush does get quite 'clogged' with makeup very quickly... but that is most likely because I do not wash my brushes nearly as much as I am supposed to!


  1. I love anything rose gold, but as these are all over the blogs nowadays I think they should be worth a try x

    1. they are a really nice set of brushes :) especially if you are starting out and want a kit with a range of brushes... plus they are just stunning haha!