Sunday, 20 January 2019

Hi :) 

When I see other bloggers winning awards for the 'best blog' etc etc, it always makes me think that I could probably win the award for the worst blogger ever seriously I'm not joking. Over the summer I had soooo many posts written and ready to go, I was so proud of myself and then I completely forgot they existed and here I am a very long time later considering starting up my writing again *and breathe*. Not to post with an end goal but just as a therapeutic outlet to talk about the things I love and to share them with other people. 

In the last (oh man this is bad) YEAR AND A HALF since I have posted some things have changed but not significantly! I graduated with a First Class Honours in Biological Sciences at NTU and decided that instead of being a grown up and getting a job I would do my Masters in Molecular Cell Biology instead so I can become a Master of Sciences (because that sounds cool, does it not?!). I still have no plans for my adult life, no grad schemes, jobs nothing (cries internally). 

Another exciting update, I dyed my hair back to brown because past me realised that blonde was a) hard to up keep nicely b) very expensive (hello overdraft) and c) very hard to stop from going yellow. Basically it was fun being a blonde but brunettes definitely have more fun! 

I think this time around, I would like to put entries on my blog in a more chatty manner rather than worrying that they don't read 'professionally' because in reality I am completely ditsy and a bit of a nutcase which I have completely embraced and am proud of (and sometimes slightly mortified). Honestly pass me a G&T and the things that come out of my mouth are questionable! 

So yeah, I just thought I'd give the whole thing a go again and see whether I do fall back in love with it again or whether I really am the worlds crappest blogger ever (sorry for swearing mum) 


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

High End vs Drugstore (Bronzing Highlight)

Want to save yourself around £20?! Continue reading this post to see the perfect dupe for MAC Global Glow! 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

BEAUTY: Mascara Comparison

If you follow my social media or have been reading my blog you'll know how much I LOVE Benefit Roller Lash, so I decided to give Too Faced Better Than Sex a go to see how it compares...