Tuesday, 23 May 2017

BEAUTY: Highlight on Fleek

Is there anything better than your cheekbones looking like a disco ball? Didn't think so,

I'd never really highlighted much before recently, I sort of dabbled in the idea of it here and there but I was very reserved with the amount I would apply, but after watching many Youtube videos, I realised that highlighter is life. So I thought I would share with you my teeny tiny (most definitley growing) collection of highlighters. 

Lottie London: Shimmer Squad Palette
This palette was first bought to my attention in one of Emily Canham's videos (I'm sure you know her but if not check her out!) and it looked really pigmented and the colours looked gorgeous. For only £9.95 this palette is so affordable and the pay off is actually insane. As you can see in the swatches (which did not use much product at all). As you can see the colours are perfect for a wide range of skin tones, there's one for the very pale (yay go me), a champagne colour, a golden colour and a more bronzy shade. A very versatile, highly pigmented palette. 100% would recommend.

Benefit: Watts Up
This is more of a cream based highlight, it comes in stick form with a small sort of sponge thing on the end. I'm not going to lie, I find cream highlight quite tricky as it seems quite difficult to blend in well, BUT then again the colour pay off and actual shade is gorgeous (I mean just look at that swatch). It's a really lovely champagne colour, again quite similar to Lottie London 'The Good Girl', so these two together make a fab pair if you want to be mega highlighted. Also, I always say this but I'll say it again Benefit always win with their super cute packaging and quirky names, I'm a complete sucker for things like that!

Urban Decay: Aura
Personally, this is not my favourite ever highlighter, it's still good though! The colour is nice and has more of a pinky undertone to it, but there is a tonne of glitter fall out, it seems to be quite glittery whereas the Lottie London ones feel more velvety to touch. It also comes in a really chunky box so it isn't fab for going away or anything, however there is a mirror which is also useful. I don't mean to slate this product at all as I do enjoy using it, it is just not my favourite to use and that's my honest opinion. However, I reckon it'll be a lot better as a body highlight/glitter for nights out when you want to glow.

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