Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Very Tiny Fragrance Collection!

Who doesn't love a good fragrance post, eh? As you can see, my fragrance collection is absolutely tiny but I thought I'd give you a whistle stop tour anyways! Also, a quick heads up... I am so s*#t at describing scents so please bear with!

Calvin Klein IN2U Her (Eau De Toilette):  I actually got this for half price and then a further 12% discount around the January sales, so it ended up costing around £18 which was so good! I absolutely love the scent, its not too sweet, but not too floral either (when I said I couldn't describe scents, I wasn't lying). But you know those fragrances that smell so strong of flowers, it really isn't that intense but it's so great to just quickly spritz before leaving the house! Plus, it's a 100ml bottle which is so much fragrance to get through! 

Beyonce Heat (Eau De Toilette): I am not going to lie to you, this fragrance is an older one and I did recently remove it from my collection whilst I was going through them and writing this post! It just got a little old and I feel like this fragrance was great when I was a little younger but now that I'm older the smell just isn't me anymore! I would say it's quite a musty smell, and the smell doesn't linger too long on you, but this would be expected of a cheaper fragrance. 

Zara Red Vanilla (Eau De Toilette): This little guy is hiding out at the back of these photographs, but I picked this up on a whim a few months ago. I had a weak moment and picked it up from those shelves of things they always have while you're queuing! My dad always says I am a marketers dream and I think he's right, those shelves are designed for people like me! ANYWAYS, getting distracted again, this fragrance is £9.99 for 100ml and they have loads of different ones! It's called Red Vanilla but it's honestly not your typical vanilla scent, nor is it really really sweet. It's so nice honestly! 

Benefit: I actually cannot find these anywhere online (that's how old it is!). A year or so ago, Benefit had a whole range of these fragrances and they were so cute! The bottles were so handy for chucking in your hand bag as they're not glass or plastic soooo perfect for someone clumsy like me! They had such a wide range of scents, I'm so annoyed I can't find them anymore! I just think Benefit always do so well with their cute designs, and these perfume bottles didn't disappoint!

Lancome La Vie Est Belle (Eau de Parfum): I'm saving the best until last as this is my absolute fave! My mum actually has this fragrance and I have always loved it, so she bought it for me for christmas. It is quite a sweet scent, not overpowering but it has more sweet notes than floral (look at me trying to be all technical). I love how, being an eau de parfum, the scent lingers for so long! and I mean ages! My wardrobe now smells of this fragrance from my clothes and its simply amazing! I only really tend to use this on special occasions as it isn't cheap but I love love love it! 

If you guys have any fragrances you love, please let me know! I always love trying out new perfumes and scents, plus the bottles are always so pretty to have on display! 

E x 

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