Saturday, 13 May 2017

Is There Such a Thing as too many Nude Eyeshadows?!

Let's get one thing straight, there is no such thing as too many neutral eyeshadows. Something which I have had to unsuccessfully persuade my parents for years! 

Every time the new Naked palette comes out it's a case of "Ella do you really need another set of eyeshadows, they all look the same?"... and the answer is always yes. There's something about Urban Decay's Naked Palettes (I am aware of the Gwen Stefani one hiding in the corner too), but from the packaging to the colour range they're just perfection. They're the only eyeshadows I've really fallen in love with and enjoyed using, I know when I buy a Naked palette that the eyeshadows are worth every penny and that I will use them all (well most of them). 

I know each palette is around £38 but thats literally £3 an eyeshadow which is actually incredibly cheap, especially for Urban Decay. The quality of these eyeshadows for £3 is just insane. The Gwen Stefani palette seems to be a bit of a different formulation, but I shall chat about more about that later.

Naked: This palette has to be my ultimate favourite, it has such an amazing range of colours that you can take it away for a weekend and you wouldn't need any other shades. It has Naked and Buck which are gorgeous matte browns that are perfect for the crease and then it also has a number of shimmery highlight colours for the lid or brow bone and also some darker colours to smoke up the eye look a little. I feel like this is the perfect palette to begin your Naked palette collection with, it's all warm toned browns but they work so well and there are so so many looks you could create with this, whether it's a subtle look or a smokey evening look- the possibilities are endless.

Naked 2: This one contains a lot more cool tones, and has a similar variety of colours just different toned. It has a gorgeous champagne colour which is my ultimate favourite, called 'Bootycall', as you can see I have hit pan on this shade (which I am so so sad about) as it's so pigmented and just perfect as a highlight on the brow bone or on the actual lid to brighten up a look. It also contains a jet black shade which is great for smoking out eyeliner (a great tip if your wings go wrong!) or using in place of a liner. I reckon if you're wanting to start your collection then pick either Naked or Naked 2 as they're very versatile and contain so many different shades.

Naked 3: I think this palette I was most excited about but use the least! The colours are just gorgeous, and like usual UD didn't disappoint with the packaging but I just don't wear pink tones too often. Saying that, it does contain some really gorgeous shimmery browns which are great for evenings out and I love using this palette when I'm using a set of false lashes to really make a look more dramatic, especially for evening occasions.

Naked Smoky: This one I was also ridiculously excited for (I think realistically I was excited for them all), because it's quite different to the others. The packaging is this gorgeous marbled effect which is stunning and again the colour range is beautiful. It contains some purples, but neutral purples which make the perfect smokey eye. I love love love this palette for evening looks, and it also contains this amazing dark brown matte shade which is the perfect shade for eyebrows, so sometimes I do bring the whole palette places just so I can use it on my brows!

Gwen Stefani Palette: I'm going to be brutally honest with this palette and say it's my least favourite, I've used it once or twice and the colours are gorgeous but I was super disappointed with the formulation of the shadows. They felt really chalky and powdery compared to the Naked palettes which feel really velvety and with effortless pigmentation. I do want to give it another chance, so I might try and use it more just to really try and see if I like it because so many people absolutely love it, maybe I'm doing something wrong!

Basically, if you're looking for a neutral palette nothing beats Urban Decay's Naked palettes. I am yet to find any eyeshadows that I have found to be better than these. As I've always said, the first two are great if you're wanting to start your collection as they contain a really wide range of colours which you can create so many looks with, but if I had to pick one to keep forever, it would probably be Naked original because you can't beat the gorgeous velvet packaging and warm toned beautiful colours. Who'd have thought there was so much to write about brown eyeshadow! 

Let me know your favourites or any other eyeshadows that you do compare or think are better than these as I'm always up for trying new ones! 

E x 

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