Friday, 11 September 2015

What I've Been Loving This Month

Okay this post is super late, we are kinda already two weeks into September- how crazy?! BUT, I do still want to do a summary of what I have been loving this month! 

Naked Smoky: So when this was first announced I did the whole "I don't need that", "it's the same as the others" blah blah blah, but typical Urban Decay Junkie decided that actually I would most definitely need it and that I couldn't live without it! To be fair I am so glad I bought it, the shades are not all very dark, intense shades which I feared- theres a really good balance of light and dark, shimmery and matte eyeshadows and thats what I love about it! I have used it most days since I bought it and am completely in love *heart eye emoji*

Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes: I must have bought these brushes about a year ago and am still using them every day, I actually prefer the face brushes to my Mac face brushes because the quality is on par and they haven't shed or anything which my Mac brush did. They blend makeup in beautifully and also make any brush collection look gorgeous. Basically rose gold is just perfect. But I love these so much I'm tempted to get another set soon.

Benefit Roller Lash: I honestly love this mascara more and more everyday! I always wanted to try it but saw Benefit mascaras as being quite pricey and I was a tiny bit disappointed with 'They're Real', so when I first tried this I was quite apprehensive but i LOVE it! I even repurchased it without a second thought and it's definitely become my 'I Can't Live Without You' product- if that is even a thing?!

Glam Guide by Fleur: I've been looking at getting this book for a while on my iPad but a book like this just isn't the same on a screen. When I saw it in the shop I knew I had to get it, the illustrations and colours are just gorgeous and I love all the topics, it isn't like all the other typical 'youtube' or 'beauty' books, its such a lovely book filled with genuine advice, plus it looks so nice stacked with all my makeup- just saying...

Urban Decay Powder Highlighter: There seems to be quite a bit of UD in my favourites this month! but this is one of those products I've sort of rediscovered, its been in my collection a while but I've almost been too scared to use it as everyone says its too glittery and not great... but to be honest, I really really like it! It gives a gorgeous pearly finish to the cheekbones, it's now something I use almost every day and wouldn't look back! I'm almost regretting not using it for so long! As long as you don't pack it on the brush it can be very subtle.

Stila Lip Crayon in Festive Fuscia: I swear this makes an appearance every single month, but honestly its so good! They're the only lip products I've found that don't seriously dry out my lips and this colour got me many compliments when I wore it so I think this deserves a place in my monthly favourites this month!

I cannot believe its September already though, soon its going to be HALLOWEEN and CHRISTMAS!!! Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year and I cannot wait for fires and wintery scarves and coats! 


  1. I just ordered myself the Zoeva brushes the other day (in rose gold of course!) and I'm so excited! I'm so glad you love them! xx