Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I Went Shopping... Again!

I got excited in Topshop and Zara and bought lots of clothes...shock! 
So I was on a high from finishing my exams and got into the mindset of "money grows on trees" which is bad I know, and decided to treat myself *quite alot* in Topshop. I did also pop into Zara as I have never actually bought anything before and I had been told their basics range was really good. I was actually surprised at how cheap it was, for some reason I had Zara in my head as being seriously overpriced but I got this white cropped top for £7.99 which I think will be perfect for nights out and pairing with black skinny jeans or a bold skirt. It has a really nice high neck line and is a really good length too, sort of mid-cropped (if that even exists?)
The next thing I bought was a pair of Topshop Jonis in black, originally that is all I popped in there for, but thats what I always say! I admit this is my third pair of black jeans, but I am going to justify this! I think they'll be nice with cropped t-shirts and for dressing up in the evenings as they're high waisted and go really nice with heels- therefore they were a very necessary purchase! 
The other thing was the jacket, Ive actually wanted the lighter denim version of this for years so decided to bite the bullet but then I saw this one and it was like love at first sight *love heart eye emoji* I wish you could feel how soft the material is through the screen, its the softest comfiest jacket  ever- "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" It'll go so nicely with loads of different outfits because its such a neutral jacket so its a staple jacket this season.
Finally I picked up these white heels, I do actually already have them in black and they're so comfy so when they were in the sale and the only size was my size it sort of felt like fate, someone wanted me to have those shoes so I couldn't disappoint them (ya know?!) haha!
That's all I bought today but I thought i'd also throw in the grey, speckley jumper which actually used to belong to my brother! *pros of having a brother who grows so fast and gets nice jumpers* So naturally, I stole it before it got given away and its become one of my favourite jumpers, its originally from Topman and goes perfectly with collars and black skinny jeans- so if you're ever looking for nice jumpers, Topman do actually do some really nice ones and whats wrong with wearing guys clothes?! 

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