Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Makeup Setup

Recently I moved into my new uni flat and it is literally a bloggers dream! White IKEA furniture and fairylights everywhere! But I thought I'd show you my new makeup set up as I am so pleased with it! 
I decided to get this white chest of drawers for clothes and makeup and it is the from the Malm range at IKEA and is the medium set of drawers, its a perfect height to sit and do your makeup at and I just think it looks really nice and is perfect for photographing products.
I keep most of my makeup in these white plastic containers, also from IKEA which I saw Velvet Ghost use to store her palettes in as they fit Naked palettes perfectly, so in one I store all my palettes and powder based products and then as you can see in the other one I throw everything else. I'm sorry its not more tidy but it just keeps getting messy so I am embracing the mess for now. 
My brushes are just on the top of the drawers in my mugs along with my trusty No7 mirror which has featured in all my makeup set up posts, I simply love it! If you are looking into getting a mirror, the No7 ones are really good and are on offer in Boots at the moment I believe, they're well worth getting. This is just sat on top of my Fleur De Force Glam Guide. This book is such a lovely read and has some really good makeup tips so I like having it with my makeup, but also on display as it's really pretty. In the top drawer I just keep all my skin and hair care and just general beauty things that aren't pretty enough to be displayed! 

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