Saturday, 17 October 2015

'Parisian Chic with a little Manchester Street Style'

I shall first start off by apologising for being a little MIA recently, I've just been getting back into the swing of uni life (second year is tough!), meeting new friends and catching up with old ones, BUT take a moment... I actually have a fashion post for you! I thought I'd share this gorgeous top with you guys...because it is simply stunning! 
I was contacted a while back by the online fashion boutique Luxemme who combine 'Parisian chic with manchester street style' and let me just say, they've designed some stunning pieces and it sounded right up my street. I loved the playsuits and two pieces so much but with my awkward height I thought a top was a safer bet for now. But I am definitely tempted to order one of the two pieces as they are so unique and not like designs I have really seen before.

Excuse my messy bedroom in the background! The quality was so good and worth the price, it is slightly see through but this really isn't a problem with a white bra underneath. But seriously,  how beautiful is the lace detailing?! I think that has to be my favourite aspect of this top, it subtly adds a bit of length and detail to the top which makes me feel a little more confident wearing it as I prefer not to have my stomach out- some of us aren't blessed with the body of a Victoria Secrets model okay?! Plus its' just a lovely addition to this simple, statement piece. I wish there was a black one as well! 
On this particular occasion I paired it with a coral, A-line skirt and I think the two worked so well together as the two 'block' colours really complemented each other, basically I am in love with this top! It costs around £29 on the website and I really really recommend you checking out the website, and having a nosy at all their gorgeous clothes here-

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