Monday, 19 October 2015

Benefit Haul

So a few weeks ago I went into Debenhams to 'have a look' at the benefit counter as its always so pretty and I wanted to have a nosey at the new Air Patrol eye BB cream and who knew, I ended up walking out £46 poorer!

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation: I ended up chatting to the lady on the counter about foundations and tinted moisturisers as I have always had it in my head that the Benefit foundation is very thick and clogs your pores quite a lot- lets just say she proved me wrong! I ended up trying it out and fell in love. It is actually a liquid consistency and quite a light but buildable coverage which is perfect because I prefer a more natural look over cakey and thick foundation. It does make my skin look really nice and is good for a shorter period of time. I say this because the staying power doesn't seem to be too long, even using Porefessional as a primer and setting it with a powder.  I can't seem to wear it for a long time because it seems to make my skin super shiny and oily after 4-5 hours so I don't think I'd wear it everyday, maybe more for special occasions. But still, it does look really nice! 

Air Patrol Eye BB Cream: This is the product I initially went in for, it's Benefit's new product and is a BB Cream for the eyes, which at first seemed a little pointless, but its supposed to protect the eyes from environmental stressors such as smoke and sun. It contains SPF 20 and thats what really tempted me as I'm really into my skincare right now, so something that is designed to protect the eyelids seemed pretty cool. So far, I would say it isn't the best primer in the world, nothing like Urban Decay Primer Potion but it is really good for colour correcting, especially when I am not wearing any eyeshadow, it just makes my eyes look less red. So I'd say, for wearing as a base its not so great but for wearing alone as a colour corrector its super good and I am really enjoying using it. It is really good as a colour corrector but to be really honest, I feel like the whole design doesn't really work too well.

Puff Off: Can we just start by saying how funny is the name! That is one thing I love about Benefit is the packaging and branding of the products. I was given a tester of this as there is an offer at the moment where if you buy two products including Air Patrol you get a free makeup bag and tester (not that that influenced my purchases or anything!) The consistency is really nice and soothing, and I love using this alongside my moisturiser. However, once I used it everyday I did begin to get quite painful skin as the skin round my eyes is quite sensitive. 

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