Tuesday, 22 September 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Wake Me Up vs Match Perfection

Rimmel seem to be quite well known for their foundations, I feel like they're comparible or even better than some high end foundations- and we need to get past the assumption that higher cost equals better quality because that isn't always the case so here's a run down of my two favourite drug store foundations. 

Wake Me Up: I really like the way this foundation looks on my skin, it really does give your skin a dewey finish but it doesn't cling to any dry patches which is a major selling point for me! A lot of foundations I try tend to give a very powdery finish which doesn't sit well on the dry patches of my combination skin, but this definitely doesn't happen with this, so THANK YOU Rimmel! I definitely prefer this foundation for summer as it has warm undertones so does come up  darker and slightly more orange than Match Perfection so it's my go-to summer foundation, but for me it's a little dark and dewey for the winter months. The actual consistency is a little thicker than Match Perfection and is very easy to blend and also has a buildable coverage. 

Match Perfection: This foundation is one of my all time favourites, again it doesn't cling to any dry patches and gives a really nice finish to the skin, it seems to have more cool undertones so the shades available are a lot lighter which is perfect for my winter ghostly complexion! It's consistency is a lot more liquidy than Wake Me Up- so THANK GOD for the pump or me and my clumsy hands would be going through bottles by the day! It blends equally as well and also has buildable coverage, so can look natural with a light coverage or a heavier coverage. I also LOVE the concealer/highlighter in the same range, so definitely try the two together. 

Overall, I honestly couldn't choose a favourite because I mainly use Wake Me Up in the summer and Match Perfection in the cooler months when I've lost my tan, but I do tend to switch them around quite a bit. If you do struggle with foundations clinging to dry patches then I would say Wake Me Up is good and Match Perfection is a strong second. Both contain SPF and are 30ml bottles but WMU is the slightest pricier one, but only by around £2-3. Finally, when buying these foundations, don't make the mistake I did and assume you're the same shade in both, WMU is definitely darker so I'm a lighter shade in that than MP. 


  1. I have been so unlucky with every drugstore foundation, I've got really dry skin and it's just awful to find one for it - maybe the wake me up is the answer for me if it's that dewy! Lovely post! xx


    1. Same! I have found quite a few tend to really cling to dry skin, but also drinking a lot more water has really really helped my skin recently!

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