Monday, 20 June 2016

The Secret to Super Clean Makeup Brushes...

 I genuinely don't know anyone who enjoys cleaning their makeup brushes, and I just do the stupidest thing by putting it off and hoping they clean themselves! But this leads to breakouts and just is not a good idea because there is not a brush cleaning fairy, but I have found the next best thing... 

This is the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and is literally the answer to your prayers when it comes to cleaning brushes! I knew Real Techniques had released a brush cleanser but didn't realise they had also bought out a mitt/palette for cleaning your brushes. I've been after something like this for a while as simply using your hands to clean your brushes just doesn't get out the necessary dirt and I could still see foundation residues in some of my more dense brushes even after (what I thought was) a thorough clean.  
 At first, I really wasn't that impressed but the more I've used it the more I've fallen in love. It has made brush cleaning so much easier and has definitely made them cleaner, there is no more foundation residue left in my brushes after using this! As you can see there are three sections with different shapes dots, these are for different brush sizes, so the bigger dots are for bigger brushes but I tend to just use the whole palette for the best results. Essentially all I do, is add a little bit of shower gel or brush cleanser to the palette, wet the brush and then create a lather and repeat this until no more product is coming out of the brush. 
 Overall, I would really rate this, it has certainly made brush cleaning so much easier - although not going to lie I am still absolutely awful at doing it regularly! It retails at £12.99 from LookFantastic and Superdrug and also comes with a sample of the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser which is meant to be very good, I shall leave all the links at the end. Having a palette to clean brushes just means that they are noticeably cleaner and actually doesn't agitate the skin on your hand as you wear it like a mitt- is that just me or does anyone else find after cleaning your brushes on your hands, they actually feel uncomfortable after?! I haven't tried an alternative so I couldn't tell you whether it's a dupe to any of the pricier ones but it's definitely worth giving it ago, I think you'll love it! 

E x

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