Sunday, 15 February 2015

15 Things Girls with Curly/Thick Hair will Relate To

Over the last few years my hair has gotten super curly and so I thought I would compile a list of the problems encountered by girls with thick or curly hair on a daily basis!

#1 The rate my hair falls out I could make a wig; It's always so embarrassing sat in class or in a public place and all you have to do is touch your hair for a big handful to fall out- the dilemma is always what the hell do you do with it?! Hold on to it subtly or just let it go?! I'm quite surprised I'm not actually bald the amount of hair that falls out a day- not to mention the state of my carpet after styling my hair!

#2 Washing your hair takes what feels like an eternity; Trying to wet curly hair in the shower seems to take forever, I literally have to group my hair into sections simply to make it all wet so that I can actually wash my hair properly.

#3 Using a hair dryer leads to the 'electrocuted' look: Applying a lot of heat to curly hair can make the whole 'frizz' situation even worse- it's bad enough as it is, so hair drying my hair leads to a look where the only way to describe it is to say 'it looks like I've stuck my finger in a plug socket' - AKA not a good look

#4 Brushing your hair is a 'no-no': Unless you want the 'triangle' hair look (everyone with curly hair will understand) then brushing your hair isn't an option full stop. For any of you confused by this- give this a watch

#5 As dry as a desert: Curls just seem to suck out all the moisture from my hair, no matter how many products I use to add moisture, the ends are always so dry. It also means that even when I first get my hair cut there are split ends quite quickly- why am I cursed with dry hair?!

#6 Finding a hair dresser who understands curly hair is like finding a needle in a hay stack: I have only found one or two hair dressers who understand that curly hair springs up ALOT when it dries, or that too many layers can make it look as if you have a pyramid on your hair. I always used to end up leaving the hair dressers with hair a couple inches shorter than intended.

#7 Having to wake up super early to shower; as I mentioned earlier, it takes so long to wash and dry thick hair that you literally have to get up so early- washing my hair is the worst chore and it feels like by the time I've dried it, it needs washing again.

#8 Fine line between actual messy bun and 'cute' messy bun; People always say "ah but you have curly hair, you can do the perfect messy bun"... NO! There is a very fine line between a 'cute messy bun' and the 'I've literally just tied my hair up to wash my face look'... or the 'dog poo bun' look.

#9 Hair Bands ALWAYS snap; With thick hair, hairbands are too loose tied round twice but always snap if you try and tie it round once more! The amount of hair bands I go through for my barnet is ridiculous!

#10 Natural curls are VERY different to fake curls; there are always those straight or wavy haired girls who curl their hair and declare that 'you are so lucky to have naturally curly hair'... they couldn't be more wrong! Natural curls are very very different to using a curling wand and usually women in magazines have their hair curled as well, so everyones perception of 'natural' curls is very far from reality.

#11 Conditioner usually lasts about a week; The amount of conditioner required to try and prevent your hair being as un-frizzy as possible equates to going through about a bottle a week.

#12 FRIZZ; I feel like that is all that is needed to be said

#13 The best curls are always hidden underneath a top layer of frizz; There's always those gorgeous silky ringlets that are hidden underneath the top layer of hair which has to be the frizzy, flat, wavy and *insert negative word here* hair. SO FRUSTRATING!

#14 Pulling out half your hair in a hairband; Oh my goodness the amount of hair and pain involved in taking out a hairband is sometimes enough to make me want to shave off all my hair. Especially after seeing the said hairband covered in a big tuft of your precious hair.

#15 It can get so so so knotty; curly hair is a vicious cycle, I can't brush my hair because it'll go frizzy which means lots and lots of knots. It's sort of a choice of knots or frizz.


  1. This post made me laugh so much. I can relate to every single one! #CurlyHairProblems