Sunday, 2 October 2016

Chocolatey goodness that is actually good for you!

What if I told you these little gems are chocolatey goodness that are also good for you... 

I am really finding health and fitness quite intriguing at the moment; researching different meals and snacks that are slightly better for your body. I am following the 80/20 'rule' which basically means nothing is cut out of your diet but simply eat in moderation and the key word being BALANCE. Hence the quotations around the word rule. 

I have learnt that it's okay to eat that takeout pizza or that big bag of pick and mix without the guilt as long as it's in moderation and so I try and exercise at least four times a week and eat healthily 80% of the time and then letting myself go occasionally doesn't matter! 

ANYWAYS, onto what you're actually interested in, my take on Nakd bars. Basically all these are is cashew nuts, dates, raisins and cocoa powder. Honestly that is it, nothing else and I love that you know exactly what is in them and you don't have to feel guilty eating them, or a couple! 

So onto the recipe; 
* 190g Cashew Nuts
* 212g Stoned Dates
* 19g Raisinsnnnnnn
* 31g Cocoa Powder 

Essentially all you do, is blend the cashews in a food processor to tiny chunks, but careful not to make it into a nut butter and then simply add everything else and blend blend blend- it's as simple as that! Then just squish it into a ball, freeze for 20 minutes and then smush into desired shapes. They literally taste delicious and there are so many different combinations to try! 
I think next I'd love to make some peanut butter ones and maybe some coconut ones, you can literally use so many different ingredients it's amazing! There are so many recipes online for inspiration if you're looking for other flavours but I think I'll just use this as the base and change it up a little. 

E x

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