Friday, 23 September 2016

It's Okay...

I feel like in the world we live in, we get judged for so many things; whether it's not wearing any makeup to wearing too much, eating too much or too little... You can't win so I've decided life is far more fun to just say "f**k it" and not care what other people think. 

 It's okay... to eat an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting; seriously who gives a s**t that you ate the entire box of chocolate fingers, no one ever gets 23 servings out of a packet of biscuits, I feel like 2 is far more realistic or maybe even one. 

 It's fine to... sing (badly) at the top of your lungs; I love those times in the car when you're by yourself and you can wack up your stereo to full and show off your 'sick' rap skills or belt out that ballad. Have a little cry to a song to an emotional song or make yourself feel super bad ass with that Beyonce song.

 It's definitely okay to... not shave your legs for weeks on end; some people find this gross but in all honesty sometimes I just cannot be bothered. It's winter now anyways so who is going to be seeing my legs, plus I need all the extra warmth I can get. I jest but sometimes I just can't be bothered to go through the unnecessary hassle and that is perfectly okay. 

 It's alright that... You miss a workout; you won't turn into Miss Muscle by attending one gym session just as you won't lose all progress by missing a session or two. Health is all about balance and being able to take breaks and it's perfectly okay to lay on the sofa watching tv over a workout. 

 It's cool if... you sit and binge watch endless hours of tv in yesterdays pyjamas; I'm not talking like a couple of hours, I am talking hardcore movie marathons, I think the most I've watched was about 15 hours and honestly it hurt to sit down afterwards, but this is perfectly okay and I consider this a productive day

♥ It's okay... to cry sometimes; crying is a good thing, even if it's for no reason at all it's great to have a good cry and it usually makes me feel better! And if it is for a reason, then let it out, don't bottle up all your emotions, this is unhealthy and will just make you feel even more sad. 

 It's more than acceptable to... eat Nutella out of the jar with a spoon; Life is way too short to save Nutella for toast, it must be eaten on absolutely everything and out of the jar because who doesn't love Nutella by the spoonfuls 

 It's natural to... want to moan; Everyone loves a good moan, it's always good at the end of 'one of those days' to vent your feelings. I always ring my mum and moan to her about things which may seem completely stupid but she understands and is always there to listen! 

♥  It's perfectly fine to... Wear no makeup to work or wear tonnes of makeup just to pick up some milk; no amount of makeup is wrong (I mean obviously within reason) but if you want to experiment with your false lashes and full face then go for it, who cares. Just as when I can't be bothered to wear anything but a bit of concealer that's equally okay. No one should tell you otherwise! 

♥ It's okay to... post as many god dam selfies as you like; girl if you are really proud of your makeup or love your outfit or just think you look on fleek then post that selfie. Post it everywhere. 

♥ It's normal to... feel confident in yourself; There is a massive difference between confidence and arrogance (massive) and it's okay to feel confident in yourself it doesn't make you 'up yourself' it makes you inspirational if you are happy with yourself the way you are. Embrace it. 

 E x 

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