Saturday, 17 September 2016

My Poor Bank Account...

A few weekends back I visited my bestie in Notts and basically we battled our way through the crowds and did what we do best and shopped until we dropped, so here are some makeup bits that I picked up which I love - not sure my bank account loves them as much as I do though

One thing I genuinely needed was a concealer and so many people seem to rave about the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealers so it was kind of a no brainer really, and I have to say on first impressions I fully understand the hype! Obviously once I got talking to the lady who worked there and saw the foundation on her I also 'needed' that too. Again, first impressions with a beauty blender are very good, its great coverage and blends amazingly, but I shall go into more detail in another post once I've used it a little more! 

Finally from UD, I picked up the Pore Perfecting Primer because basically the lady on the counter said that it works amazingly with the foundation and is great for oily skin. Plus it looks like a giant Primer Potion which I thought was kind of cool! I probably didn't need (* I really didn't need) this primer but it makes my face feel so soft and the foundation goes on so nicely with it, so basically it was a very useful purchase. 
 Once we had exhausted the Urban Decay counter we headed to Boots to check out the new NYX counter, this was a long overdue visit and we were both so hyped to check it out and basically it was absolutely terrifying. Saturdays are bad enough shopping but this was a new level of busy! Never the less we didn't give up and I came away with these lip products; a Liquid Suede Lip colour and a lip liner, I am trying to wear more lip colours and these work wonders. It's a really gorgeous brown colour (which sounds gross but is nice, trust me!) I like having the lip liner to kind of 'colour' in my lips and then I use the liquid lipstick over the top mainly focusing on the middle of my lips. I feel like I now need to order a few more shades (after next payday of course!). I seem to be reaching that point where a makeup look doesn't feel complete without lipstick now (god help me!)

So these are the makeup bits I picked up, and I'm sure they'll all feature a lot over the next few weeks as on first impressions I love all of these products. I've definitely realised that you just cannot go wrong with Urban Decay and NYX is a strong contender for my new favourite drugstore brand! 

E x 

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