Sunday, 21 August 2016

Best ways to Wind Down After Work

I know my blogging has been some what sporadic recently, but I have been settling into both a new living environment and a new job so bear with! I would like to change my blogging up a little bit with more life/fitness posts and so to kick start this, I have a post in collaboration with Sanctuary* on my Top 5 Things to do to Wind Down!
Work can sometimes get quite tiring or stressful with loads of deadlines but it's always important to try and switch off and give yourself some 'you' time- even if it is just for a couple of hours. When I finish work, I always like to make the most of my evening as time feels so precious now! So the first thing I tend to do is actually go to the gym for an hour. I know this doesn't sound so 'relaxing' but I actually find it quite nice working out for an hour, it splits up the evening and separates 'work' and 'home' and those endorphins make me feel so much better and actually more awake! 

Once I'm all sweaty and gross, I am definitely going to shower with the Sanctuary Cleansing Burst Body Wash and on days where I need that extra relaxation I love to use the Sanctuary Oil- Cream Moisture Hair Mask. Having naturally super curly hair means it can be so dry, and this mask works wonders on my hair! When I wake up the next day it's actually possible to style my hair, and it feels so shiny and smooth, which I can never normally achieve without blowdrying! Occasionally I also shave my legs (I mean who does this every day...) and follow this with the Sanctuary Luxurious Body Butter which is just bliss! My skin feels so soft and smells ah-may-zing after using, especially in combination with the body wash!

Once I feel all pampered I tend to throw on my comfiest PJs and put on a chick flick or an episode of a TV show I am loving; at the moment it's either Suits or Scream (if you haven't checked out either, go and do so now!). Or, if I'm really winding down then a good book can be great as that's also better for helping you get to sleep! 

I also love catching up on social media in the evenings, seeing what everyone has been up to during the day, whether it's Instagram or Snapchat- I'm so nosy! But I find this really relaxing and it's kind of just become part of my night time routine now- I mean who doesn't spend their evening scrolling religiously through their social media or checking out the new snapchat filters!
Finally, this one sounds super boring but honestly, get an early night! There's nothing worse than waking up feeling tired and so to kickstart the next day I love to try and wind down enough to be able to get a good night's sleep! Honestly it's bliss! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I wind down and relax and separate work life and home life, let me know your tips and whether you'd like more life posts!

E x

* although I was sent some products to try, all opinions are my own and 100% honest thoughts


  1. It sounds like you have a relaxing downtime routine! I really want to start working out again to get more energy. I would love to try some of the Sanctuary products, they will be on my list for sure!


    1. I would really recommend working out a couple times a week! I used to hate it but now I find it so fun! And also, Sanctuary products smell amazing!! But thank you for the comment girl xx