Sunday, 15 March 2015

My New Favourite Cafe?

 I'm sorry but how gorgeous is the front of this cafe?! Hidden away in the heart of Nottingham is one of the sweetest, more gorgeous little independent cafes I have come across yet! It's so cute!
As easy as it is to roll out of bed 10 minutes before a lecture, one downside of living on a campus outside of the city for uni is that it can make you feel quite isolated sometimes, especially when there isn't much to do that isn't a bus journey away. So this weekend me and my cousin met up and had a really nice day out just window shopping, seeing Fashion48 and going for afternoon tea at Thea Caffea. Check out her blog here (! Thea Caffea has become one of my favourite little cafes, I have been before, which you may have seen on instagram (@ellacatherine95) - ooh bit of self promotion there! They do the most delicious brunch (which I have tried) and cake (which I have also tried), so I thought I would go for something a little different this time and tried afternoon tea and a hot chocolate. I swear to god by the time I finish uni I will have tried the entire menu! 

 It is safe to say, I have never seen a hot chocolate so full of cream in all my life (no complaining of course) but it was so tasty, and the scones were to die for! Personally, I much prefer going to independent, small cafes over the big chains like Starbucks or Costa to name a few- the food and drinks always seem so much tastier and I just prefer the relaxed feel to them! This particular cafe felt like a little house with all the furnishings, which was so relaxing and would be perfect for a study break or a date! 

The price is really really good as well, seeing as a scone with jam and cream and a hot chocolate with all the works (cream overload today) cost around £6, which was super affordable, so a really nice place to come if you are a student and a bit stuck with money and fancying an affordable day out. 
I think I am going to write a post on alternative things to do if you don't fancy clubbing, because I have been going through a phase where I enjoy the odd night out but I really want to do other things that don't cost a tonne of money and don't involve staying out until 3am! Let me know either any suggestions for things to do, or whether you would be interested in something like that- maybe I am just a bit of an old lady! 

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