Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Make Up Basics!

This post may be super useful for those of you just starting out with makeup or if you want some ideas of makeup to pack for a weekend away, these are all drugstore products which I would say make up the perfect basics kit. All of which are under £10.

As much as I love wearing primers underneath my foundation- I wouldn't regard them as a necessity and so I haven't included it in my basics. When I first started out with skin makeup, I started out with a BB cream or tinted moisturised to get used to blending and coverage but the Rimmel Match Perfection would be a great foundation, and alongside that I'd recommend the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer as the coverage isn't too heavy but it does lighten under your eyes and hide the blue.
Next I would use the Seventeen Matte Powder just to remove any shine on my T-Zone as I have quite oily skin and this is a lovely one as it's quite cheap and doesn't leave your skin looking too cakey. I also love the Sleek blushes- they're a really good price and give such a gorgeous finish on your cheeks, I bought quite a corally one and it just adds that finishing touch to my make up without making me look like a tomato. 
With my eyebrows; I would use the Soap & Glory 'Archery' brow pen because it contains both a crayon and a pen end so you can change up your routine or the style of your brows depending on the occasion/feeling, so this is perfect as it's like two products in one. 
With the eyes; I found a selection of individual eyeshadows as now I own the Naked palettes I don't tend to buy individual quads but the No7 ones have a really good colour pay off and fit into a small makeup bag so well as they're so small. I went for a gold and a pink shade (antique rose) which are both great if you're at school and can't wear very heavy make up because these are such subtle tones- I do believe the pink one was actually one of my first 'proper' eyeshadows! 
Now a days I tend to finish off my eyes with the L'Oreal superslim liner (which you've probably seen in most of my FOTD posts!) I just love it because it makes eyeliner so much easier and also so quick when you're in a rush as well! 
Finally I would just use a mascara; in this case I thought that a waterproof mascara is a perfect basic mascara because it stays on for a long time on nights out/during bad weather or days. I have the Maybelline Colossal Volume one which I really like as it isn't impossible to get it off but it does stay on very well. And just to finish off the kit, I would add in a tinted lip balm as these can act as subtle colour to the lips without being too bold and moisturising the lips at the same time!

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