Wednesday, 18 March 2015

All About that 'Base'...

"You know I'm all about that base, about that base..."
I'm sorry I couldn't resist that pun, it was just too good to miss! Today I thought I would write a post going through my base that I tend to use on a daily basis, I do change it up a lot for nights out or different occasions but this is my everyday base.
I always start with a primer and have been loving the L'Oreal Lumi Magique primer, it gives the skin a really nice glow underneath my foundation, which I love especially in the winter months when any form of natural tan is non existent and my foundation may as well be white face paint (honestly, so many brands lightest shades are too dark for me!)
I then use the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation mixed in with the primer and buff this in using the Real Techniques Buffing brush, again with brushes I switch them around a lot as well but these are the products I am enjoying at the moment. 
I also use the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer to attempt to cover my dark circles and blemishes, to make me look vaguely awake- especially for 9ams (it's so bad how at home that would seem like a lie in but at uni, that is considered super early!) I tend to blend my concealer in with the Zoeva 110 Face Shape brush because it's a smaller version of the foundation brush and gives a really nice airbrushed finish. I tend to start with a buffing motion and then blend it to avoid any streaks. 
And finally; I just buff in some powder, at the moment I am using the Seventeen powder. I just feel like all powders do the same thing so haven't invested in a high end powder and just go for the cheapest one I can find in the store! For this I use the Real Techniques Powder brush to pat it in. Originally I would use sweeping motions, but I was watching a youtube video that said it's best to pat powder in so that it doesn't ruin your foundation and concealer, which I found quite interesting!- I had never thought about it like that before! 

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