Saturday, 17 June 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mark Hill Pick 'n' Mix Curlers

Okay first off, let's get all the giggles out now because yes these look... interesting

This Mark Hill Pick 'n' Mix range is honestly a game changer in hair care and styling, if you follow me on insta (@ellacatherine95) you'll know how much I LOVE this tool. You basically buy the handle which is super inexpensive at about £14 and then just choose the detachable wands separately as and when you want them. The wands themselves are all priced at £11.99 which is under £30 for one set, but obviously you only need to buy the handle once, so overall it is so cheap in comparison to just buying one curling wand. It's such a fab idea. 

I currently own two of the wands and absolutely love both of them, I'm still so impressed by how much of a fab idea this is. Both wands heat up very fast and leave your hair looking and feeling fab, I honestly have no faults. My Hair looks really healthy and shiny when it's curled, it doesn't look to dry or anything at all! 

Ellipse Wave Wand: This is the wider one and is used for messy waves, this is the one I bought most recently and I am so in love with it. It actually made my hair feel so soft and the waves looked so subtle but nice. My hair looked really silky and it honestly took about 10 minutes to do my hair; which for me is impressive! 

Corkscrew Curl Wand: It was Zoella who first brought my attention to corkscrew curls and like everyone, I wanted to give it ago and I LOVE the look! It is quite crazy but with naturally curly hair it wasn't too much of a shock to me. It doesn't actually take too much time to curl but did take a few attempts to get the style looking how I wanted it. It seems that with corkscrew curls the direction and location of your parting are very very important, it's kind of a trial and error style. 

(Curled using the Mark Hill Pick 'n' Mix Ellipse Wand) 

Products Mentioned: 
Handle: Boots
Ellipse Wand: Boots 
Corkscrew Curls Wand: Boots 

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