Sunday, 12 February 2017

BEAUTY: Current Skincare Regime

Anyone else decided that January (and most of February) was just a 'free trial' and that the year has properly started now?! Ha, I totally did that and so my new years resolution to schedule posts and have much more of a blogging routine has started now with my first beauty post of 2017 (god that is terrible!)

Working in a skincare lab means I do get to test out loads of different skincare brands and products but I do always like to go back to my trusty Clinique routine! I feel like once I have a routine that works and that my skin likes I always get too scared to stray too far away from it. Plus, if my skin is loving it, why change? The Clinique 3 step system basically incorporates cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising into an easy routine which is really personalised for your skin type, which they can tell you at one of their counters. 

This Christmas I finally got my hands on the Dramatically Different Moisturiser Lotion to complete the range which I love- not too oily but equally moisturising to my skin, and I also received the Pep-start eye cream which is also great. Most eye creams seem to irritate the areas around my eyes but this has done nothing of the sort, it's a really gentle formula that just helps you feel more awake and reduces puffiness I'd say, I am definitely going to buy the full size one when this one runs out! 

Clinique is quite an affordable brand and I love how much help they will give you over the counter with picking out the right products for your skin type, so you don't end up buying the wrong thing, they also never make me feel pressured to buy anything. Finally, the great thing about all three of these products is that they last forever (I mean not quite but ya know). I have had the same bottle of face wash and clarifying lotion for just under a year and I use them once/twice a day and I've only just run out. Such good value for money, so they may feel a bit more pricey than your standard boots face wash at the time but honestly they last for such a long time!

I am going to admit that on work days I am really lazy with my skincare, I just use the Garnier Micellar water to refresh my face (I feel so ashamed right now) and then go in with the Clarifying lotion over my face and neck and then finish off with the moisturiser and the eye cream. I am very lazy in the mornings with skincare as I don't have a lot of time to get ready, who wouldn't pick an extra ten minutes in bed?! 

In the evenings I have so much more time and use my face wash with a little exfoliator brush from The Body Shop, to just remove as much grime from my skin as possible, I usually do this in the shower so after that I use my clarifying lotion and moisturiser. I feel like with the clarifying lotion you'll find a pattern that suits your skin the best, I don't tend to use it every day just because sometimes it can be quite drying if you're using it everyday, but since I have got the moisturiser it doesn't seem so. 
On days where I really fancy that extra clean or am wearing a lot of makeup I tend to use a hot cloth cleanser first as these are great for removing makeup, I either use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (amazing) or the M&S Pure Instant Radiance Cleanser (equally amazing). Not going to lie, I am quite biased as I work in the lab that formulates M&S Pure skincare and it's so underrated! 

I am after some face masks to try, so if you guys have any that you recommend, especially those really gross ones that really get into your pores then please share with me! 

E x 

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