Saturday, 28 May 2016

Evening Makeup Look!

 Last night I decided I needed a break from revision and went out (on a night out, not just leaving my house haha), being a club I like to do my makeup a little more heavy than usual but I went for a really summery look using my Naked 3 palette which has a gorgeous rose gold feel to it so I thought I would show you my makeup, basically!

I really liked this look as it was quite subtle but I just thought the colours gave a really summery vibe, I must admit I don't tend to reach for the Naked 3 palette as much as the others so thought I would see what I could come up with using the pinky colours. I've also started wearing false lashes on nights out  (which is a love hate relationship haha!) and the only ones I have so far got on really well with are the 'Tanya Burr' lashes, which I will definitely write a review on soon! The ones I was wearing in the photographs are 'Date Night' and are essentially a set of individual lashes on one band (if that makes any sense!) 
 I really love this makeup look and also really enjoyed doing it! It was such a subtle, summery look and has made me want to use Naked 3 so much more as I was always apprehensive to use it before but it does have some gorgeous colours in it! If you guys have any recommendations on looks with Naked 3 link me in the comments as I'd love to use it more over the summer!  

E x 

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