Tuesday, 12 July 2016

My Top Breakout Hacks...

Not sure what's causing your breakouts? Carry on reading for some tips on preventing those annoying, but preventable breakouts... 

I have to say, I am very lucky with my skin in that *touch wood* I have never had a lot of trouble with my skin but I do go through phases where I break out a little bit, sometimes this can be hormonal - it happens to the best of us and there is nothing you can do about that! But sometimes there are things you can do to prevent making them worse. 

♥ Regularly wash your makeup brushes - I am the WORST at this, I am trying to hard to wash my brushes regularly but it just takes forever, but sometimes I notice my skin breaking out if I haven't cleaned my brushes in a while. I mean if you think about the bacteria build up in brushes it is pretty gross!

 Your Phone is Gross - I get many of my spots on my cheek where I hold my phone which is apparently from being on my phone a lot and the dirt that is on my phone screen - like how disgusting is that! So the best solution is to just make sure your phone is as clean as possible, just give it a wipe down. 

 Exfoliating - I find exfoliating really helps to keep my skin feeling good (see my skin care post here) as it removes a lot of dead skin cells and it's so easy to add exfoliating into your skin routine. But don't go to the other extreme and over exfoliate as this can lead to dryness (can't win can you?!)  

♥ Water - I know pretty much everyone seems to nag on about drinking water but honestly since I have been drinking about 2 litres a day I have felt so much less tired and noticed that my skin is a lot clearer and less dry also which is a massive bonus.

♥ Diet: It's so boring and everyones' mum and everyones' mum's dog says it, but diet can really affect the skin. I do notice that if I spend a week eating rubbish and greasy food, my skin doesn't thank me for it and I do notice a change, so try and keep a balance diet- this doesn't mean no greasy food (per-lease) but it just means keep it balanced! 

 Maybelline Concealer: I know a very popular product in the blogging/youtube world seems to be the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer, and I actually saw someone say to remove the sponge from the top. and I can honestly say this has made a huge difference, like imagine how disgusting that sponge is getting being put on a spot and then going to another area of the skin, gross! To be fair removing the sponge part has also saved so much product! 

♥ Sudocrem: Remember that small tub of 'miracle cream' your parents used to have and it seemed to be used for almost everything? Well it's also great for spots- if you just apply this over your spots at night it helps to dry them out and speed up the 'recovery' process. It literally costs a few pounds from any supermarket or drugstore. 

♥ Hormones: This isn't a hack, I'm just putting it out there that sometimes you just cannot help those pesky spots, sometimes we just get them around that time of the month because of how your skin changes.

♥ Remove Your Makeup! I know that feeling when you're lying in bed and really can't be bothered to take off your makeup, I mean whats the worst it can do! But honestly this is really bad for your skin and as much as it's annoying at the time, you'll be happy the next day!  

♥ Use Shine Absorbing Sheets to keep prevent excess oil removing your makeup: These sheets are great to just chuck in your handbag and use when needed. They just soak up any excess oil and you can then simply reapply your makeup over the top- simple! 

I hope these tips have been useful, spots are just the most annoying thing ever, but hopefully with these tricks they may be a little more annoying! If you have any other great tips, please share in the comments so we can all use them! 

E x 

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