Thursday, 22 September 2016

Do Healthier Options Have to be Boring?

When someone used the word 'healthy breakfast' the words 'rabbit food' used to spring to mind and I tended to just stick with a standard bowl of cereal because it seemed better than eating what felt like cardboard flakes, but now years later I have discovered that healthier breakfasts don't have to be boring... 

First up my absolute favourite, pancakes. I first saw these on Em Sheldon's blog and wanted to give them a try as I LOVE american style pancakes but lets be serious they're just not that great for you. These pancakes are literally one egg, one mashed banana and a handful of oats (blended if you wish) which means there's nothing nasty in them! They're perfect as a post gym breakfast to really fill you up and get you ready for the day.  Here I just served them with some greek yogurt, grapes and a seed mix but you can literally serve them with anything. Toppings could include; dark chocolate, banana and nuts or greek yoghurt and your favourite berries, the possibilities are endless with these pancakes and as you can see I devoured these ones! 

Smoothie Bowls: 
These are new to me, but so much fun to make and decorate! Essentially you just make a smoothie but with less of the liquid so that it's slightly thicker and then just decorate the top with toppings of your choice, I made a berry smoothie with toppings of desiccated coconut, pumpkin seeds, raisins and oats. And the one you can see here is a tropical take on smoothie bowls; mango, melon and bananas and then the toppings include oats, coconut and seeds. It makes for a really tasty, filling breakfast that's so much more fun than a standard bowl of cereal and looks so pretty! Again this is great for a post weekend workout breakfast and is super flexible with fillings and toppings. Plus, lets be serious it is really instaworthy (the shame of admitting that ha!)

Fruit & Oats: 
This is my basic, go-to breakfast on a weekday along with porridge as it literally takes 30 seconds to prepare so is perfect before work or you can even prepare it the night before. I always have a banana to keep me filled up, oats, and either berries or grapes and usually some form of dried fruit or nuts. The great thing about this as a base is that you can either have it with greek yoghurt or milk, I like almond milk but it's whatever takes your fancy! It's super quick, tasty and great just before work as it literally keeps you full all morning and also gets in at least two of your five a day before 9am! 

This is kind of the same as above except hot, but I thought it was worthy of it's own little section. I LOVE porridge, I'm almost surprised I haven't turned into a big blob of porridge the amount I eat! Oats seem to be a common theme in this post but they're a great base for so many things. Porridge is nice as you can have so many different combinations so it never gets boring, I love natural peanut butter and banana, or raisins and honey and again it's easy to get in a good few portions of fruit. 

All of these breakfasts are great as they're an easy way to incorporate a lot of goodness into your diet before the day has really begun and they're a great way to keep you full for a long time which will tend to prevent the temptation to snack between meals. I have recently seen that actually it's best to eat bananas in moderation and perhaps not eat them everyday. So at the moment I am swapping them for berries three times a week instead. Testing out new recipes has made me look forward to breakfast a lot more and explore many different combinations, not every healthy breakfast takes hours to cook or has to be really boring and tasteless. 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, if you have any suggestions of other healthy breakfasts or perhaps savoury ideas I can try then let me know in the comments below or catch me on twitter or insta (@ellacatherine95). 

E x 

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  1. Great ideas. I'll be trying the yoghurt and pancakes!

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