Sunday, 22 February 2015

Have Cats Taken Over My Life?!

Anyone who knows me well or closely follows my social media sites (Instagram, Twitter) will know that I love cats... I feel like there isn't really a way I can write down how much I LOVE cats... safe to say I am a cat person, perhaps even a 'crazy cat person!' SO this post features a few ways to know if you're on the way to becoming a crazy cat person (Unfortunately I think I'm already there). 

Talking to your cat: I am very guilty of chatting away to my cat as if it can understand my every word... I am yet to establish which is worse; me meowing at the cat to see if it understands, or having a full on conversation with the cat- and sometimes throwing in a cat voice as well (please say it's not just me who has voices for their pets?!)

Pamper to their every need: Cats are like princesses; they somehow have this amazing ability to make you want to spoil them and suck up to their every need. No word of a lie; I went out in very deep snow to dig my cat a trench so that it could go outside during the snow- to which it turned its back and wrinkled its nose; but the thought was there! 

Talking about cats all the time: I realised I got to a bad level with my cat addiction/obsession when my friends who had never met my cats knew their names and everything about them because I just  talk about cats all the time- half the time I don't even realise I'm doing it, but they always sneak their way into a conversation somehow.

Lion King: Okay; I'm pretty sure anyone who hasn't done the 'Lion King' with the cat is more weird than those who have. Have you ever had the urge to pick your cat, hold it out and shout "NAAA SEVENYAAAA"?!

Photograph their every achievements/attempt cat selfies: All of which I am very guilty of, and I feel like taking photos of cats or with cats is an art form- they sense the camera from a mile away and always stop doing the funny pose or face as soon as you're about to photograph them- dam cats. So if you've managed to get a good cat selfie... I salute you. 

Consider leaving them voicemails whilst on holiday: I feel like this may be the moment everyone judges me, but surely you've wanted to ring up your cat whilst your on holiday and leave a voicemail. Part of it is just because I want to know what it would do (probably not care at all...) but it might be lonely in a house by itself. 

Photo booth: I tweeted the other day that I used photo booth on my cat, and it came up with the funniest photo... how is that not funny?! I feel like that was the moment I realised my love for cats had gone too far haha!

I hope you enjoyed this more jokey post (sadly it's all true though haha) and I really hope that some of you out there don't think any of these things are weird! haha here's to crazy cat people! 


  1. I think it's safe to say I'm with you on the crazy cat lady level haha :) I got a tabby cat called Tinie last March and ever since he's been my pride and joy! My boyfriend and I make a point of picking up something for him every time we go shopping (safe to say our house... is coming down with toys). x

    1. thank goodness someone else is! awww he sounds adorable!