Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ten Things Every Fresher Can Relate To...

 I thought I would kick-start this new weekly feature with a couple of things I have learnt whilst being a Fresher, that most freshers will be able to relate to... so grab a cuppa as it's a long one!
1- You are still a big kid at heart: at uni you will re-discover all the fun things that you gave up for hanging out at the 'shopping centre' or chilling at the park when you wanted to be all grown up or that your parents would most definitely not let you do... that's all gone out the window for me now. I have discovered how fun mattress surfing is; literally the funniest activity (until the caretakers catch you... they won't find it so fun). Or how much fun playing 'Bogeys' is, or blaring christmas songs on full volume across the campus... all of which has provided us with a worrying amount of entertainment and has probably wasted a lot of time (not sure I'd regard it as wasting though). Locking your flatmates out or spending hours watching stupid youtube videos (our favourite so far, is the bear falling onto the trampoline) also seem like productive ways to spend time (until you're sat pulling an all nighter on the essay you still haven't done!)

2- You'll be surprised how much of your time you spend trying to kill a hangover: why we purposefully poison ourselves on a regular basis is beyond me... when you think about alcohol like that it sounds awful- but having 'flat meetings' the morning after to discuss the antics and embarrassing stories from the night before certainly makes it more appealing, and so the vicious cycle of drinking and hangovers will begin. The trick is to down pints of water before you go to sleep and also go on a cupboard raid to make cheesy chips or whatever bizarre concoction you can create in your drunken state.

3- If you haven't had debates about the South and North, then you aren't doing uni right; the number of debates Flat 10 have had regarding which is best is almost a daily occurrence. The 'dinner/tea/lunch/supper' one is something I don't think I will never get my head around, but I still maintain the idea that south is definitely the best... but you've got to love the northern accents! 

4- Tea and biscuits are the answer to everything; even if you didn't like the two before, they will become the best thing in the world throughout uni... I wasn't even an avid tea drinker before, but then I discovered how amazing it is, and will now drink it by the litre. It's also a great ice breaker or way to meet people, invite them round for a 'cuppa' because everyone seems to drink tea! Bring up a big box of tea bags and biscuits as a great way to find friends during freshers! 

5- You meet friends for life: I know everyone seems to say that when you're preparing to go to uni and you're probably thinking "yeah whatever" but from my personal experience, it's definitely true. I always wondered who would be in my flat with me before I moved to uni and what they were doing at that moment, but it's so weird looking back now as I'm sat with my closest friends. Living with 5 of my best friends has made me so happy and really changed the way I see life, there's certainly something to laugh about every day. I think the best advice I could give for anyone starting uni in September would be to use the 'open door policy'; keep your door open as much as possible and just walk into each other's rooms (obviously knock if it's closed- that could be a bit awkward)- that has made everyone so much more comfortable, so much so that I'm in other people's rooms more than my own.

6- Everyone is your friend during freshers; literally you could go up to any group and invite them for pre-drinks or something and they'd be up for it- you may not stay friends with every single person you meet during freshers but during the first week everyone just wants to meet everyone.

7- On a night out, it's more weird to go to the toilet alone than with loads of girls; thinking about this sober just sounds bizarre, but at the time everyone has to be in one cubicle... our record as of yet is 6 people... how we did it I don't know, but at the time it seemed completely normal and not weird at all (imagine seeing people out for lunch doing that; it would be so weird!) 

8- I could get a degree in procrastination; it's only when you get to uni do you realise how great at procrastination you really are... I have written in old events to my diary just to avoid making a start on the essay or decided my room needs a massive spring clean just as the coursework deadline gets closer. Another great way to avoid work, is to find a series that you just have to watch and sit through an entire series in a day (yes, I have done this too many times to admit)

9- A morning can go from bad to worse with the words "there was a camera man last night"; the camera men at clubs are the bane of my life. At the time I apparently love the idea of having group photos taken, sometimes with people I don't even know; but when the dreaded "so and so has tagged you in a photo" notification pops up, that's when you have to start worrying! I never learn- so my advice; stay away from the cameras, they are not your friend! 

10- Weekly fire alarms will make you jump every god damn time; even though a man runs around warning you that there will be a drill and you're given then same time each week, the fire alarm without fail will make you jump. It's terrifying every time and every time I jump up to grab my stuff and run...

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different style of post this week- for any of you who are now madly searching youtube for the bear video I shall kindly put the link HERE to save you a little bit of time (trust me it's great)

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