Wednesday, 28 January 2015

MAC 188 Brush

Before I even get into this post, I am sorry for the state of this brush... I am the WORST at cleaning brushes, but I guess now you know I really have used this brush well before reviewing it!
I really wanted to try a MAC foundation brush as when they blended in the foundation testers in the shop I really liked the feel of it, so thought I'd pick it up with some christmas money. I don't think I'll continue to use it for a full face of foundation because I actually find it not that great for that purpose. Purely because the bristles are so long and it seems to absorb a lot of the foundation, making it quite difficult to blend. 
The 188 is the smaller of the two brushes in this range and is better for blending in foundation around the nose and eyes. I was a little apprehensive to wash this brush (excuses excuses...) but it was already shedding and I'd only used it a few times, whether I have a faulty brush or not I don't know, but I have read similar reviews when I was reading up on it. After washing it hasn't shed as much which is a good sign and hopefully will stay that way!
I hate to not be super positive about something, and usually I won't share it if I'm not raving about it, but I wouldn't dis-count this brush all together, I think I just need to use it slightly differently, maybe just for touching up foundation or maybe for a creme highlighter. I think the other thing that put me off was the fact I paid close to £30 for this brush and was expecting slightly better things, but I still enjoy using it all the same. 

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