Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review: No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

So the offers and vouchers finally got the better of me,  I went into Boots for cotton wool and came back with this treat. I don't tend to buy from No7 because I just associate it with being quite expensive, but there's so many vouchers floating around that I decided to try out their concealer (which I reviewed last week) and this foundation which seems to suggest quite a good coverage.
It is does give quite a dewey look so a powder is a necessity with this foundation (unless you want to look like you've fun a marathon!) but as I mentioned earlier, the coverage is really nice. 
I also like how the shade is matched so well to my skin tone, when it comes to buying other drugstore foundations it's very hard to find your exact shade; alone, under pressure, in bad shop lighting and with a small selection of shades. But No7 have developed their skin photo thingymajiggy (see other blog post) which helps to match you with the closest foundation shade to your skin, and the best part- you don't have to do a thing (apart from sit super still!) You also get to try it out in the shop, so you won't waste money on a foundation which is in fact too dark or too light for you.
There was a wide variety of shades which means there is a shade for everyone and for £14.50 I think it's pretty good value myself.
So after trying this foundation, I really do like it for a slightly fuller coverage, its great for a night out and makes your skin feel really quite nice, so... No7... it's a big thumbs up from me! hehe

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Review: Benefit They're Real Mascara

I am mega late on the bandwagon with this product but still glad I've finally got my hands on this little gem! The benefit 'They're Real!' mascara has been around for sometime but continuously raved about so when I saw it sold with a sample of the new eyeliner and make up remover, I just had to get it! 

The actual mascara wand is plastic with a ball at the top for those harder to reach lashes, I love this feature as it does add volume to my lashes because I'm able to apply more mascara to my outer lashes *win win* 
I do find that although it isn't clumpy and is great for separating the lashes, it doesn't give me as much length as some products do, but Its still an amazing product, it's also super hard to fully remove. Benefit do sell their own 'They're Real' makeup remover but it's pretty pricey for a makeup remover, so I'm not sure I'd purchase that- but it's certainly a good marketing idea from Benefit! 
The mascara costs £19.50 and can be purchased from many of the larger Boots stores and also department stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser. Actually; one really fun thing to do is to get the makeup artists at the Benefit counters to test out the products on you, sometimes if you ask they will do all of your makeup for free using Benefit products of your choice, with no pressure to buy any of the products, which can be a great thing to do before a night out or as a girly day out :) 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review: No7 Concealer Stick

Do any of you end up with millions (slight exaggeration) of those £3 off No7 Cosmetics vouchers over the summer?! Basically; that's the story behind this concealer. I have always been intrigued by the No7 concealers as they don't seem to be that talked about-  I'd never really seen what the packaging looked like... (to many of you that may sound bizarre) BUT ANYWAY; I went ahead and asked the lovely woman at the counter about the concealer, she did the skin photograph whatchamacallit which suggested my foundation/concealer shade and tested out the concealer on my jaw line. 
I've never tried a concealer in this format, usually I go for the doe foot applicator and a liquidy concealer as they seem more moisturising and less likely to crease, but I was quite taken aback with how creamy the formula of this concealer was. It is less likely to crease than many stick concealers and seems to give a very full coverage, it's AMAZINGGG at covering up those dam spots which appear just when they are most unwanted (not that I ever enjoy a spot)! 
Price-wise; it's very good value, it was £7.50 (not including the vouchers) which isn't that much more than some of the standard drug store companies. I usually find No7 can be slightly pricey but not in this instance, so for £4.50 this was a pretty yummy concealer.
The only down side I can think of, is that I do find it slightly tricky to apply this concealer because I never know what the done thing is with stick concealers. Do you use a brush directly on the concealer to your blemish (And what brush?!), do you use a finger? I'm not so sure directly applying the stick to blemishes is wise (yes I did try and its really tricky around the eyes!). If any of you are able to solve my issue surrounding application then that would be great but otherwise I shall continue to enjoy this lovely, high coverage, creamy stick of goodness (that sounded rather odd, sorry!)