Thursday, 31 July 2014

FOTD: Frozen inspired

Recently I was sorting through all my blog photos (my laptop is mega unorganised!) and came across this make up look which I had never published, and I actually quite liked the look I'd gone for! I seem to remember this being based on some of the make up in 'Frozen' when I was obsessed- *sings along to Let IT Go'*...!
ANYWAY;  If you have read many of my posts you wouldn't be shocked to find out I used the Urban Decay Naked Palettes for this look (I really need to become more adventurous with eyeshadows!) and just blended out Gunmetal grey with a cream coloured shadow in the inner corner. It was a very heavy look as the eyeliner is quite thick so definitely a more evening'y look, but either way I am really pleased with the way this make up look turned out! Like usual I didn't go for bold lips- I feel I should really try out more lipsticks and be a little less guarded about using lip colours but for this look I didn't want to distract from the dramatic eye look, so that is today's excuse, hehe! 
Hope you all enjoyed this post; I'm off to go and watch Frozen again, as if I havent watched it enough!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

This mascara has featured in two of my videos now, so I thought it deserved a little blog post dedicated solely to this little gem of a mascara. I know I'm mega late jumping on this bandwagon but this mascara is so good! The consistency of the mascara is really nice and doesnt seem too thick for a waterproof mascara and along with the wand means it doesn't clump your eyelashes and can be applied really nicely. 

As you can see, the wand is quite big and made of fibre rather than plastic so it really seperates out the lashes and definitely gives a more volumised finish, which I love. I also like how it isn't an absoloute pain to remove like most other waterproof mascaras, with the right make up remover it can be removed with little scrubbing, but it is certainly waterproof as it passed the 'Fault in Our Stars Movie Test' and the mascara did not budge through my many tears, so another bonus from this little gem! 

I would love to try another mascara from Maybelline as it seems like quite a nice brand and so far I have been impressed with products I have purchased; so if any of you have any reccommendations then please tweet me or leave a comment below :) 

Make Up Free Month!

Quite a different post today; but I've been wanting to write this post for quite a while now, for a month during my A-level exams I went a month with no make up... not even a spot of concealer or mascara...make up free. At first I was a little nervous and worried because make up seems to be a barrier or 'mask' you can put on everyday to make yourself feel more confident and dressed up, that's how I see it for me anyways. But over the month I began to accept myself for the natural me rather than the 'made up' one who has contoured cheek bones and longer eye lashes. It felt quite refreshing being able to get up and leave rather than spending half an hour applying make up, not to say I don't enjoy doing it! 

Maybe this is my version of the whole 'No Makeup Selfie' thing, but I just felt that not wearing makeup at all actually improved the physical appearance of my skin but also the way I perceived myself, I mean some of you may be reading this and thinking its all a bit dramatic but these are simply my personal thoughts. Before this; I would have never felt confident going out with no make up on, especially to college where for the two years I was there, had never gone a day without mascara or concealer. But I feel like now, I am far more comfortable to just head out into town or to friends' houses and not feel the need to make an effort with my face! 

In addition; my skin physically improved...Alot. It was almost like a skin detox and gave my skin time to heal from spots and blemishes which had left my skin looking a little down, especially with all the stress. But now I don't need to wear foundation a lot because my skin has improved quite a bit and I don't feel I need to hide behind foundation all the time, I've learnt to embrace the freckles! 
Saying all this; it doesn't mean I don't wear make up now- I still love applying different looks and messing around with it, it just means that I don't feel I have to wear it all the time and don't feel judged everytime I go out without it. 
It probably sounds ridiculous to many of you reading this, but I truly think going make up free for a month helped my confidence a lot, it also saves a lot of money, as I wasn't buying replacement make up products every few weeks, so as an incentive you could put all the money you would normally spend in a month in a jar and buy a high end product at the end as a reward, or simply do it for yourself, but I would certainly reccommend a skin detox, even if it's just for a week!