Saturday, 17 May 2014


 Since coming onto the blogging scene, I have always had my eyes on the Naked Palettes, everyone who had them seemed to rave about their pigmentation, the colour range and how they last so long! All of which made me want to buy one of the palettes even more! I bought Naked 2 as a form of much needed retail therapy (really really helps ;) ) for 20% off which was amazing! I put off buying Naked 3, trying to persuade myself that I really didn't need another 12 'naked' eyeshadows- but there's only so much persuading I could do before the gorgeous, rose-gold, Naked 3 ended up in my basket! I actually only purchased Naked 1 the other day as I had a £10 off code for Feel Unique and I couldn't turn down such an amazing deal- and that's what spurred me on to write this post (a little late to the band wagon, but "better late than never" right?!)

Naked 1 has some gorgeous matte browns, such as 'Buck' and 'Naked' which are perfect for subtle nude looks and blending into the crease or brow bone if you don't want anything to OTT. It also contains 'Gunmetal' which is an eyeshadow shade I have been after for a while. This palette certainly doesn't fail to live up to my expectations, it's all you could want in a palette and more! Naked 1 seems to be an all-rounder, it has a really wide range of shades from quite dark to really quite bright.

I would say, of the three palettes, Naked 1 and 2 are most similar in the shades, and I think one or two colours including 'Half-Baked' are featured in both. Naked 2 seems to take on a darker brown tone which is perfect for working into the crease and using for smokey eye looks! My ultimate favourite shade has to be 'Bootycall' (third from left), its a shimmery pearl colour which I wear on a daily basis without fail to brighten up my eyes- look how beautiful it is!!!

As you can see in the photo; Naked 3 takes on a rose-gold theme, all the browns seem to have a pink undertone. I LOVE this palette, and use a lot of these colours for use on my eyelid as the shimmery pinks are just gorgeous! These colours will be amazing for spring and summer as they are quite light and shimmery and would look gorgeous with a tan.

Many of you may think I'm mad for buying all three, I'm inclined to agree but it became my little obsession and I just felt the need to complete the family! It certainly isn't a waste having all three as all the colours are different and can be mixed around and used for different things, so I am certainly glad I bought all three- but if I were to reccomend just one to buy.... I'd have to say Naked 1 as it has a large range of light to dark shades and some really gorgeous matte browns... But then again; I cannot live without 'Bootycall' sooo it's a really tough decision! I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!
These palettes aren't the cheapest in the world, they are around £37 each so do take a chunk out of the bank, which is why I bought them gradually over time and not all in one go! But they are 100% worth every penny and I couldn't recommend them more!


  1. Hi Doll, love love love your awesome blog! I guess I am the only beauty guru without Naked pallette. I should go and grab it by this week. :) I'm your newest follower from Aloha Friday Blog Hop. Followed you via GFC and Bloglovin. Feel free to visit, follow, leave comments @

  2. Love the blog!!! I cant live with out my Naked 1 Pallete xx

    1. Aw thank you <3 same! I use the naked palettes daily! Xx