Friday, 18 April 2014

Review: Loverdose by Diesel

Bit of a different review this week; I thought I'd share my thoughts on Loverdose by Diesel because, well it's my current favourite perfume and smells insanneeee! First, let me just say; how cool is the bottle - I love how edgy and 'rebel' it is- its quite robust for throwing in a handbag too and looks great in my little collection.
The scent is gorgeous, I am so bad at describing scents, but I'd say it has quite a sweet edge to it, not too floral either.  I'd say it's more leather jacket than flowery top if that makes any sense to anyone else? Made sense in my head, haha! It lasts all day too so you don't need to keep spraying it, which is a bonus as it  means the perfume lasts for quite a while and people have asked what I'm wearing as I smell nice- so if that doesn't persuade you to buy this beauty, I don't know what will?! I just want to bathe in it- that may be a bit of a waste- but  you get the idea!
You can buy it in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml; all of which vary in price but I have found it for sale at the Perfume Shop here for maximum of £49.99 for 75ml, and for a long lasting, gorgeous smelling perfume it's pretty well priced, so I shall definitely be re-purchasing when mine runs out.

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