Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review: LOreal Infalliable 24H Foundation

So after being stuck in doors revising for the last few weeks, I went a little mad in Boots (my local drugstore, for any americans) - and one of my purchases was this L'oreal foundation. It cost me around £10 but was on a 3 for 2 offer, so I went a little crazy! It's the first L'Oreal foundation I've tried so quite excited to see if my skin looks like Cheryl Cole- kidding! (I'm not kidding) 
When I first applied it; I did notice that it doesn't sit well on dry patches of skin, but to be fair, there aren't many products which would, and moisturising my skin more it sat really nicely on my skin. The other thing, was that it has a very yellow undertone as opposed to peachy/pink, at first it was I was a little worried as I haven't tried foundations in this tone,  but with blending and a little powder it seemed to match my skin tone- which was a bonus. I always find it so hard choosing the right colour with drugstore foundations- there's no one there to help you - I don't want to look orange!
It has a very nice consistency, quite liquidy but not so much that it runs off your hand, I'd say a similar consistency to Rimmel Wake Me Up; and the other great thing is that it comes with a pump; I know there's some L'Oreal foundations which don't have one- I'd be so scared to waste loads of product! I'm bad enough with the pump!
I only use half to one pump and this seems to go quite a long way, it does take a while to buff in, so isn't a foundation to use when you are in a mega panic morning- but great for if you have a bit more time. It seemed to give me a really nice matte finish, and also a really nice coverage, enough to cause people to comment on how great my skin was looking!
Finally; it seems to last sooo long! I know this because *confession time* I did leave my make up on over night the other day (naughty I know) but when I woke up, my skin looked as it did when I went to bed, so if anyone is planning a mad 24 hour party/staying awake session, then this is the foundation to go to!
It is honestly my new favourite and I will 100% be replacing it when it has all gone!
 So far so good; and I'm really excited to continue using this foundation over the summer! 


  1. I must try this! I love the l'oreal true match xx


    1. It's an awesome foundation :))) I've never tried that one- do you have a review? x