Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Healthy Breakfast Muffins

My love for food and trying to eat less and even more healthily is quite a challenge- I love baking and trying out new recipes but I was trying not to eat as much- who doesn't lick the bowl after cooking? I began to realise that doing that equates to a few cakes ;) If you've just looked at your computer blankly, then you definitely need to re-evaluate your cooking technique- because eating the remaining raw mixture should be a step in the instructions. 
ANYWAY; I found a recipe on this new app I've been using, more of that in a mo... which was for "Healthy Breakfast Muffins". Being kind of intrigued, I clicked the recipe and found some muffins made with no butter or sugar, instead they use mashed  banana and apple and yoghurt. This automatically makes them so much better for you and they still taste really great and have a really nice, cakey texture to them. 
Instead of blueberries I used raspberries, because... that's basically what I had in my fridge. What I loved about these little gems were I could eat them and not feel so bad for snacking because they really aren't that bad for you and are really light. Went down a treat with my family too! And also, they are so versatile- so  as I said I swapped the bluberries for raspberries and you can add pumpkin seeds or additional fruit and they still taste great. 

The app which I was using is called 'Yummly' and it basically collects together loads of recipes from all over the internet into one app- so you can search for a specific ingredient or dish and it'll show you different variations which has certainly encouraged me to be more adventurous with my food and certainly making my lunches alot more interesting! Being healthy doesn't have to be boring! 

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