Monday, 17 March 2014


Hey guys; just a quick FOTD post for you today. As you know I've been trying to blog a lot more frequently so one thing I thought I could do would be more Face of the Day posts because I never really used to write these. I just love "having" to experiment more with my make up and sharing with you guys what works for me and doesn't work with regards to my make up routine.
So this morning was gorgeously sunny, following a lovely weekend- weather wise, and so I decided to whack out the Maybelline Babylips (pink) and give that another go. I feel like it really completed my look and gave it a more spring-feel. For the eyes; I went quite simple eyeshadow wise, with quite a think eyeliner line. Please tell me someone else has seen this worryingly true  picture from Tumblr; well this is the true story behind my thick eyeliner this morning- in fact I wanted to go for a really thin line, but.... it was just one of those mornings.

Anyways; with my skin I just did my usual foundation and concealer routine and then lightly contoured my cheek bones and applied a Mac blusher to my cheeks. I do really like this look as it seems quite casual and light for spring and really cute with a little bun or ponytail!  


  1. Your skin looks flawless! Beautiful xo

    Sarah-Jane xo

    1. aww thank you! I think the lighting and camera do it justice hehe

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    1. aww thank you :) I shall check out your blog lovely xx

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    1. aww! thankyou! I'll have a look at your blog soon xx