Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

My first impressions of this foundation weren't great to be honest; I actually hated it, wore it once and discarded it at the back of my make up draw and vowed never to use it again. This all sounds very dramatic but I really didn't like the way it sat on my skin or how it left my skin for that matter.
However; I saw so many positive reviews and bloggers raving about it that I thought I'd give it one more go and actually have to admit that I've sort of fallen in love with it. It has a very high coverage; so for those days where spots have got the better of me, this foundation is perfect. It does require a lot of blending into the skin and works better building up coverage gradually as opposed to putting it all on and blending in, but if you have the time and a good foundation brush (Real Techniques Buffing Brush **Hint**) then it's ace!
I also have found that it needs a very good primer and does need touching up throughout the day with a bit of powder, but other than that I don't have any problems and would definitely recommend this foundation- probably more to those who don't have very oil skin as this didn't help with it sitting on my skin or coming off very nicely.
I think it's around the £8 region, which isn't bad for a drugstore foundation and is available in most drug stores including Boots and Superdrug. 
If any of you have tried the Bourjois healthy mix concealer, I'd be very interested to know how you got on with that and whether its has as good coverage as the foundation as I'm considering making it my next cheeky purchase! 

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