Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Better late than Never

With this post; I'm going to go by the motto of "better late than never". I know this palette was released in December, and I'd be lying if I said I've only just bought it, in fact the photos have been stored in my computer just waiting to be written about since the beginning of January. 

Anyway; as all of you are now aware; this is the Naked 3, and oh boy isn't it beautiful! Don't you just want to swatch every colour and just stare at it. I can reassure you, I have done plenty of staring and swatching! Urban Decay have done it again with the Naked 3 and produced such a gorgeous, dreamy palette! It seems to be a lighter palette, based more on pink and rose gold than brown, although it does contain a couple of brown shades, it's more overpowered with shades of pink. Not that I have a problem with rose gold- in face it's quite the opposite.
I tend to find that Naked 3 is more useful for a base colour on my lid as the colours are a bit lighter so trickier to compose a smokey eye- although definitely still do-able. These palettes are literally faultless, they're compact, beautiful, useful and any other good adjective you can fit in the gap!
 One of my favourite shades has to be Blackheart (end right) and also a couple of the lighter matte colours, which are great for subtle colours in the crease if you want a more natural eye look. 
I could ramble on forever about the Naked Palettes but for the sake of your eyes not becoming square from being sat here too long, I shall end on the fact that the Naked 3 comes with samples of all four primers. This has been a great help to me as I wasn't sure whether or not to buy the primer potion and furthermore which one to choose! But after using all of them, I shall definitely be purchasing one of the primers- I'm thinking the original or 'Eden' so if any of you have tried them and have reviews please comment or leave links below!

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