Friday, 24 January 2014

17 Brows That Review

This week; I thought I would review the 'Seventeen' Brows that Brow kit. Quite a nifty little palette which contains a brow wax, brown shadow and a highlighter. It also comes with a little brown pencil and brush. I do love this product and for the price of £6 its really quite good. I've never liked filling in my brows with a pencil as I feel its far too easy to make your brows look fake.That is just a personal thing- there are so many people who are incredible at eyebrow pencilling.I am not one of those- hence the use of shadow! I always used a shadow from a massive palette and so when going away or transporting make up- brows were always an issue. This little kit has definitely solved the problem; I mean it isn't tiny but its a far better size to be carrying around with me. 

It even gives you some instructions to aid you in eyebrow filling in- usually I don't have time to do all of these steps and tend to use my own angled brush and the brown shadow to just fill in my brows- it means I get an extra 5 minutes in bed! But for parties and nights out I go all out, gel, pencil and powder. 

The sleek packaging looks quite nice and not too cheap which I really like and it just slots perfectly into my little make up collection- for anyone looking for a brow kit I would highly recommend this one, especially for the price of £6 as well! 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Bourjois Bronzing Powder Review

I shall firstly apologise for a very serious lack of blogging! Now it is the new year I shall try really really hard to blog at least once a week and upload a video once a week! I'm beginning to keep my blog for looks and reviews and then posts such as "What's in my bag" etc to the wonderful world of YouTube. On the subject of reviews; we have this gorgeous little gem of a bronzer. Sold by Bourjois it smells absolutely divine and looks great when used to contour. It's the 'Chocolate Bronzer' and there is an underlying scent of chocolate but its not overly powerful which to me is really nice- as lovely as it is; I'm not sure I like the idea of my face smelling like a chocolate! I do love the design though; as you open it up it does look rather delicious- quite inviting to just dip in your brush and contour.  

It blends really really nicely but is quite dark on me so needs a lot of blending in when used as a contouring colour- I think they may be a couple of different shades, but don't hold me to that! If I am correct in what I say then I have shade 51. I have used it every single day and haven't got near to reaching pan yet- another bonus!
The other thing I like about it is the way it's all packaged. The cardboard- style packaging is really quite rigid but also slimline. There are two perks to the shape for me anyways; one being the fact its very thin and easy to fit in a make up bag and also its so indestructible (saying that; I shall probably drop it now!) What I really mean is; when 'shoved' in a makeup bag the packet is much more sturdy and 'shove' prove than some of the plastic bronzers I have.
You can pick up this beauty at Boots for around £7 and I would say it's well worth the money and great for a drugstore bronzer! If anyone has any other bronzer recommendation; both drugstore and high end please leave a comment as I'm always up for trying new products.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Review

LOOK AT ITTTTT!!! Look how amazing it is-aaah! When I saw this for 10% off in a shop I new I had to have it!
Ladies and Gentlemen for any of you who are unaware.... this is the muchly raved about Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. A little bit of a mouthful but such a truly amazing product. I do honestly feel that my foundation looks so much better and stays on for a lot longer with just the tiniest amount of the stuff. My friends were saying how good it was and so I just had to jump on the bandwagon and boy am I glad I did! Although this little bottle is only 12ml you only need the tiniest bit- a little goes a long way as I like to say and after using it every day for almost 2 months; there is still plenty left in there. There is a great temptation to purchase the larger bottle but this is where the downside comes in. The price. It isn't the world's cheapest primer, 12ml costs around £12 and the 30ml is £25. But it really is worth that price and there is an overwhelming temptation to purchase the bigger bottle. 
There are also other options such as; an SPF one, an oil free version and one that hides dark spots. This one is just the bog- standard basic one which for me is perfectly ok. 
Another reason to love this product is the packaging- look how simple and satisfying it looks. There is something about having less colour and 'bam look at me' written all over the front; a dark horse on our make up shelves but certainly something you should all go out and purchase.
As of yet; I really cannot fault this little guy; unlike trying most new skin products, my skin has not broken out, it isn't a greasy, oily formula and its just simply amazing!